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Tambola, a casual gamble game which is fun to play
Tambola, a casual gamble game which is fun to play

Tambola, a casual gamble game which is fun and fascinating to play. Believe it, Tambola has originated in 1500’s but has the same charm till date across the globe. With gaining tremendous popularity, it is also known with different names such as Tombola, Bingo and even Housie in diverse parts of the world.

Tambola is all about numbers. Each ticket has 3 rows and 9 columns and is played between numbers 1 to 90. Each row has 5 numbers. A column can have 1, 2 or maximum to 3 numbers which are printed on it. The first column will have 1-9 and the list goes on until the 9th column which will be numbered between 80 to 90.

Our application offers you two playing modes: Private game and Public game, just to add more fun to your Tambola experience.

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My School App

My school app is designed to handle day-to-day operations carried out in schools
My School App

Today, having a well-maintained system for schools can be considered as a necessity because it helps in creating a situation where staff and students have to work together efficiently. These systems are generally made to set goals and effective processes for everyone so that the administration can measure the level of consistency in approach.

Understanding the importance, the school app is designed and developed in a way that it not only manages the records but also keep administrators and parents informed about the school activities. Our application is a complete solution to three separate modules for parents, teachers along with administrative staff of the school. The admin can get regular push notifications about all the recent activities of the children as well as the teachers. Along with this, the admin is completely authorized to add new users or to approve any upcoming news related to school activities.

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