A Chatbot for Internal Operations Can Improve Employee Satisfaction Index

July 27, 2018

A Chatbot for Internal Operations Can Improve Employee Satisfaction Index

Chatbot development is one of the top trends in the business world today and for the right reasons. There was a time when they were used primarily for delivering customer services, but now, people in the business world have recognized its immense potential in rendering internal operations simply and efficiently. The consequence of which is chatbot development, which leads to an improvement in employee satisfaction index.

What Chatbots Do?

If chatbots sound strange to you, it is because you may have no formal introduction to what chatbots are and what they do? It is a machine, which is a blend of artificial intelligence, a complex algorithm, and functions as rules and mechanisms already fed into it. Now, what it does that makes it so important a topic in today`s world and why business organizations want it deployed to improve the efficiency and speed of their internal operations?

Any employee of the company, in need of a service or content, can ask for it directly to a chatbot through a conversation. It shall be rendered in a moment, without any human intervention, whatsoever. The most prominent problem most of the business organizations used to have, not a long time ago, was the lack of interaction between various systems, networks, and interfaces (IT and human).  Bots have solved that problem by acting as cross-over between these various systems, networks, and interfaces, making them well connected and integrated which has not only improved the user interaction with these systems but also increased the productivity of the company.

All the conversations you make on chatbots are text-based. In fact, it was meant to be like that for a solid reason. A study has revealed, on an average people have phones filled with at least 33 apps. But most of the time, around 80% of it, they spend on the phone is consumed by a single messaging app, be that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever. What it shows is people are comfortable with texting.

Chatbots for Internal Operations

Employees of your company have to go through many systems in order to get even a simple thing, a leave, for example, done. Because of the different systems performing different tasks, and with no connection between various systems, things really get complicated. An employee has to register his day-off leave on one system, look for leave terms and conditions on another system, and yet, at last, has to go through an email to formally seek a leave for day-off. You can see how complicated a simple internal operation has been made because of the absence of a well integrated, central system to control and execute internal operations.

It is here AI chatbot development comes to rescue. It takes upon itself the task of managing everything, including the establishment of a cross-over across the various systems. So bots make every task simple and hassle-free for an employee, what was previously time-consuming, with the advent of bots, happens within seconds.  An employee has to make a conversation with the chatbot, it will provide him with the necessary information he needs.

Whether you want it to manage and streamline your employee expenses, or distribute a specific work to a specific person, it does everything for you, as the business owner and your employees. When you deploy it in your company, you will see how a chatbot for internal operations improves the employee satisfaction index.

How Chatbots Improve Employee Satisfaction Index

Every business organization, yours included, has many systems and tasks in operation each day: for example an email, HR system, an intranet system, business applications; and tasks like a holiday and travel booking, scheduling a meeting and more. With chatbots, you can automate all these tasks, because they are not only simple but also recurring. Bots make these tasks simply a matter of conversation, that saves you plenty of time and workforce, which you can employ to get something more worthwhile and creative done. There are many tasks that are rather complicated and can really frustrate an employee, but bots make even those tasks thoroughly enjoyable.

Whenever a query is made, bots offer relevant, direct and specific information. Think of long FAQs, with bots, you no longer have to read the whole document, instead, you can ask it questions about specific things you want to know. When you integrate it with your HR system as well, the services it can offer get even more exciting and personal. For example, an employee would want to know how many days have remained out of his allocated leave quota, and chatbot would reply him with personalized information as to how many days has he already consumed and how many are remaining. So what it all shows is that chatbots really improve employee satisfaction.

With that said, you may, too, want to develop chatbot for your company, and rightly so, you need to take care of certain things. Your chatbot should reflect the culture of your company, something that you, your employees, are familiar with. So should also be the case with your scripted conversation, it should not look out of the place sort of thing, or weird, but something that atones and blends completely with your company`s brand, values, services, and work-ethics. If these things skip your chatbot script, it would do your company no good, whatsoever.

Signity Solutions does exactly that, it takes care of everything your company reflects and develops bots that add real value to your company and the services it offers. So, join hands with Signity Solutions and get your fully functional maiden chatbot now.

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