Advantages of Cloud Services in Long Run

August 3, 2018

One of the remarkable developments that took place in the computing world is undoubtedly the cloud computing. But after more than twenty years of its operations in the business world seems not having convinced every business establishment to implement cloud services despite the apparent benefits that come with it in terms of efficiency, cost and profits than traditional operations could ever promise. A report has revealed that cloud services implementation shoots up the growth rate in revenue by 53 % and that is the clear indication of how advantageous cloud services are.

Is not it astonishing to know that 69% of business institutions have already implemented cloud services and yet there are businesses who show hesitancy when it comes to cloud computing? All those business organizations that have the cloud in operation do it for a reason. They get innumerable benefits businesses get with cloud computing is acting as a motivation for other businesses to follow the trend. Be its benefits in the form of smooth conduct of business operations, efficiency in customer service, robust security and more profits, they get it all with cloud computing. What emerges from the above data is that cloud technology has really revolutionized the business conduct and what better reason there could be than that for you – as a business owner if you have not already implemented cloud – to lay your hands on the cloud computing technology and reap its long-running benefits.

With the popularity of the internet, the data consumption has skyrocketed. It means businesses and other organizations could no longer rely on traditional office-based computer servers to make available for users programs, necessary information, and customer support because the data consumption is enormous and could not be handled efficiently by those servers. For businesses that indeed is the problem but it is not without the solution.

The solution is cloud computing. What it does is instead of keeping that data on the computer server, the data remains accessible from the cloud where it is stored. An employee working in the business can get everything he would want to know about the customer or any other thing directly from the cloud right on his smartphone from anywhere in the world and anytime, without having to be in the office. Salesforce CRM in the finest example, it allows employees access to the customer data which they can share, study and engage with from the comfort of their home with just a click of a finger.

Even then not every business organization has shown a keen interest in the deployment of cloud computing, they show hesitancy when it comes to the cloud as if it were something strange not a trending technology in business world already. If you belong to this category of the business owners, maybe knowing the cloud services advantages, in the long run, could convince you to change your mind. So, let`s take a look at many advantages that come with cloud services.

  1. Less Expenditure – If implementation cost is acting as a deterrent for you to not apply cloud computing in your business then I must tell you, you need to give it a second thought. At least, you need to see it from the perspective of the advantages it gives you, the time it saves you and expenditure it reduces you, then the implementation cost would mean nothing to you. Furthermore, you will have to pay according to the features you want to add to your cloud, the space you need for data storage. It goes long way reducing you the cost and offering you greater returns on what you spend.
  1. Mobile Access One of the best advantages of the cloud is you get to have a mobile access. All the data available on your cloud server can be accessed by anyone working in your business via the smartphone or any other device they use. That is a remarkable development, especially from the point of view of the report that has revealed that global smartphone usage has crossed the mark of 2.6-billion. Without any doubt, the smartphone has emerged as a great way to ensure connectivity and for proper utilization of it; the cloud technology is the must-have. Suppose your employee had a busy day or is stuck somewhere in the traffic jam, he can yet establish a connection with your clients and stay updated even if virtually out of the office. Even your freelance staff can enjoy the flexibility and dynamism as if working in the office.
  1. Enhanced Security – Well many times business owners are not convinced to use cloud technology because of the issue of security. They feel storing everything on the cloud server could make the data vulnerable to cybercrime. But the truth is a separate team is assigned the task of continuously monitoring the service cloud security. There have been the occasions when the data was stolen from the very computer servers you use in your office by the employees working there. That way cloud security is a lot more robust. In fact, a report has shown that 94 % of business organizations have witnessed an increase in the data security after deploying cloud service. Your data on the cloud is highly encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.
  1. Business Insights – Whenever a transaction takes place between customers and your business, or whenever customers interact with your business, they leave behind important data which can be transformed into actionable business insights. And cloud servers come with embedded data analytics tools that help you track down the user-generated data efficiently. After analyzing that data useful business insights can be generated that go a long way to increase the revenue and expanding your business.
  1. Team Work – Nothing impacts the business profitability and sustenance more than teamwork and collaboration does. To be able to make your employees work as a team can benefit your business in lot many ways. Cloud computing does exactly that. It allows your employees access and freedom to view client and business information, even share that with your other employees. Such flexibility in hardly possible with traditional computer-based servers.

These are only a few advantages. In fact, there are plenty to benefit from, provided you embrace the cloud technology. It is sustainable, puts you a step ahead, updates automatically without human intervention, and prevents loss of data as cloud server is disaster-proof. That makes you worry not much about the loss of computer or laptop because your data is on the cloud server and can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere.

The advantages cloud services offers are many in the long run. It is the must-have technology for every business organization. If I have succeeded in convincing you about implanting the service cloud in your business organization, then you need Signity Solutions to help you do so. Join hands with us for better implementation of salesforce cloud services today.



Rohit Madaan

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