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Common Issues While Implementing Zoho CRM

Introduction When we think about business, the first thing which pops up into our heads is “profits.” Of course, profits are essential, but great business people never really fix an amount they will make before they start their business, but

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15 Minutes Guide to Calculating Job Search App Development Costs - Signity Solutions

15 Minutes Guide to Calculating Job Search App Development Cost

The job search has never been as easy as it is today. Just a few years back, when someone had to look for a job, they had to visit multiple offices, submit resumes, and then wait for days so that

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Trends and Challenges for SMBs in 2020

Trends and Challenges for SMBs in 2020

We are almost at the end of 2019, a time when you might be wondering what you achieved last year, how you could perform better, and, most importantly, what opportunities you can gather in the upcoming year.  That’s true! Just

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Newly Launched Serverless Developer Platform by Zoho

Know About the Newly Launched Serverless Developer Platform by Zoho

Launching any web application is not a one-man job; you can try, but it’ll be a lot of work to handle at once. While building and deploying web applications, the control for HTTP requests is in our hands. Since these

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5 Reasons to Consider the New Salesforce Einstein Service

5 Reasons to Consider the New Salesforce Einstein Service

When the Salesforce Einstein service was introduced, everyone wanted to ask these questions: Why do we need it?  How is it going to help in our business? You might also have asked these questions from yourself for sure. You might have even

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Demystifying 7 Common Chatbot Myths [Infographic]

Chatbots are the talk of the industry for the last few years. Some people call them the greatest invention of the 21st century. While some see them as a threat to mankind. Either way, they are growing quite popular. By

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9 Things to Outsource While Starting a New Business

Doing every aspect of your business and watching it grow is indeed good. But it will soon cease to matter once deadlines kick in and success after deployment of the product is taking a lot of time than expected. So, to

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The Comprehensive Guide to Mobile App Development Costs

While many projects may work on a fixed costs basis, managers need to understand the different models available to understand mobile app development costs better. There may be new features and functionalities that need to be added, along with additional

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6 Top Reasons to Stop Thinking About Freelance App Developers

Finally, you have drafted all the 360-degree ideas for your new mobile application. With it, you have strategized a master plan to market the new app and generate leads that will convert into customers over time. You feel so strongly

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How Can Developers Earn Money with Mobile App Development?

Everyone wants to earn money and to be more precise, quickly. Nobody wants to wait for a month for that glorified paycheck. Entrepreneurs of today look out for easiest moneymaking channels that are available online. In this way, the leader

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