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Top 3 Platforms for Successful Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are rising in popularity. They’re becoming a more efficient way to deal across geographies and are one of the more scalable applications of Blockchain technology. From real estate to banking & finance, smart contracts are becoming ubiquitous. The

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A Guide to Developing Your ICO Marketing Strategy

ICOs are quickly gaining popularity with many companies leveraging the platform to raise capital. Whether that be a new startup or a fresh round of funding, an ICO is perceived as a viable alternative to traditional cash. That being said,

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Cryptocurrency Development Services-SignitySolutions

Factors Determining the Price of any Cryptocurrency

While many factors drive the price of a cryptocurrency, there are a handful of factors that are the leading causes. Investment analysts may have a preference of one factor over another, but the savvy investor understands the ecosystem from a

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How To Find The Best Blockchain Application Development Company?

Cryptocurrencies might have run into trouble in various countries. But the blockchain technology behind it has caught on. Companies and institutions all over are trying to commercialize it. Many have been successful in doing so. Blockchain has been helping industries

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Blockchain Application Development Services-SignitySolutions

Lessons from Blockchain Beginners – Both Insights and Actions

< Like most new technologies, Blockchain also had its share of detractors and backers. It has been the case ever since its invention in 2008. While some did cast aspersions over its viability, others embraced it. Blockchain was set up

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Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency in 2019: Top 5 Future Predictions

The concept of a digital currency that began nine years back with just a few people aware of it is now one of the trendiest topics that are being talked about. Blockchain technology has become successful due to its strong adoption

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Practical Applications of Smart Contracts

Smart contract development can systematize processes across every small business. Smart contracts ensure the availability of the resources needed to fill company orders. It also provides the availability of data required to deliver a service when needed. Specific Applications of

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Cryptocurrency Development Services-SignitySolutions

How are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Getting Better with User Experience?

Digital money is a reality today. With the advent of blockchain technology, many cryptocurrencies have entered the market. In particular, Bitcoin Ether, and XRP have gained massive popularity in recent times. They have emerged as a digital alternative to the

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limitations of smart contracts

What are the Limitations of Smart Contracts, and How Can Service-Based Organisations Address These?

“This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at”  “While many ideas around smart contract usage are being generated, most of them are futile”. Smart contracts are computer protocols which are used to digitally verify

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development-SignitySolutions

5 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Change the Way Businesses Run

Today, cryptocurrencies are a well-known entity. In the last few years, their demand has witnessed tremendous growth. With a market cap of $425 billion, cryptocurrencies are all set to change the landscape of commerce. In reality, what’s making these digital

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