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Role of Smart Contracts in reducing Supply Chain Wastage

A supply chain can be a cumbersome process. It requires deliveries to happen on time. It may take days for a payment to be completed between the supplier and the manufacturer, or a customer and a vendor. There are always

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Role of Blockchain in Supply Chain Optimization

The Supply chain is complicated, cumbersome, and time-consuming. It is a network of entities which have the involvement in getting the goods from its point of origin to the final point of consumption. But the system is severely in fault and

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Role of Blockchain in Reducing Copyright Infringement

Being a creative person in today`s internet driven world is probably the hardest thing to be. And it is not because creativity in the form of artistic endeavors such as music, photography, painting, and writing, is a very time-consuming process.

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The Future is Here: Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

If you have to name the most disruptive tech in decades, Blockchain is the answer. This ledger based technology is transforming the IT industry in a way not seen before. Though not a household buzzword, blockchain development services are creating

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The Check-List for Well Maintained Smart Contracts.

In today `s world paperwork is continuing to get replaced with digital versions. As new applications continue to emerge, they help in the transition to the digital world. Along the change, keeping a strong check on transitional chaos is a must

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Beyond Bitcoin: The New Industrial Revolution and the Blockchain Technology

We usually associate the Blockchain technology with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency forms which has come into being with the rise of blockchain consulting services? But the reality is that it has transformed not only the finance industry. Its applications go

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Pushing the Technological Barriers Using Blockchain

Traditional ways are always a time-consuming and less dynamic process. They consume a lot of manual labor which makes it not only an expensive bargain but leaves it vulnerable to errors, too. These negatives of traditional ways act as deterrents

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Applications of Auto-Authentication using Smart Contracts

Technology has brought changes in lives, which were unimaginable in the past. One such technological advancement that has created quite a stir in the market has been the blockchain smart contracts development. For those of you who still don’t have

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Blockchain – A Powerful Tool for Shrinking Global Money Laundering

Corruption is one of the most significant problems we are facing right now. It’s rooted deep in the political and bureaucratic institutions. The world’s wealthiest people evade near about $ 2 trillion of taxes every year. Shocked? Yes, this is

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