Boosting Organizational Productivity using Enterprise Search

June 4, 2018

Boosting organizational productivity using enterprise search

We are now in the age of technological innovations; a lot of things are now done in faster and very easy ways through the use of technology. One’s business can expand and have a large market through the introduction of digital marketing, this is why no matter how best one strives to expand his/her business without making use of the internet marketing, it is always difficult for such business to grow.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to boosting your organizational productivity, you must bear it in mind that you have to make use of the enterprise search. For one to completely have an intensively business landscape, his enterprise must be up and doing well, so one can simply put that social collaboration is the new trend technique that can help boost organizational productivity.

  • What is the new age meaning of enterprise productivity?

As stated from the beginning of this article, technological advance is daily skyrocketing, and therefore requires that each individual whose mind is based on having an improved productivity must be involved in it to make him stand a chance of being ahead among the numerous competitors.

There are a lot of megatrends that people are using out there to boost their business productivity and among such trends include the use of social, cloud, mobile and data that are changing the nature of work today. This is indeed a digital era, and a lot of business is striving as a result of digital marketing the worth of communication, flexibility, collaboration and connectedness are all inputs for productivity both at an individual and at the organizational stage. It is therefore very paramount that organizations clinch and allow these values to be in the system of their people through creating a habit of technology-friendliness and high performance.

Today one can see that enterprise search is mirroring personal productivity as to never before because people are mostly glued to their devices and carrying out interactions and tasks just on the go through a button tap. Let’s take, for instance, making an overseas call has just become a very easy and simple thing to do as one just need to single tap a WhatsApp or even a Skype. Or generating a lot of contents through the use of the smartphones by ourselves, all these have really made it easy compared to the earlier age when people find it very difficult and expensive to do all these.

  • The legit tools that can aid the boosting of organizational productivity

Today in legacy systems, the market is flooded with a lot of enterprise productivity tools that can enhance information management as well as communication and collaborations. These tools maneuver across channels such as mobile phones, tablets or desktops that can ensure the best user occurrence at any time and anywhere. These tools are specially designed for the modern-day high performer that is always on, as well as highly mobile. There is more as today a lot of service providers are offering these tools in form of software that can easily be installed or as a software-as-a-service, SAAS. All these tools are available at a low cost that makes it accessible to a lot of users. One therefore just need to choose the legit tolls that he/she prefer after scrutinizing his/her business need as well as possible benefit and relax because these are the right tools that will pave ways for one’s organizational productivity.

  • Consider these following points very important for enterprise productivity
  1. Clinch social with enterprise social software, ESS: this is one of the best ways for a business to find its way to have a sustained market base, the best way to collaborate is through sharing and what is the better way of sharing than doing it through the social media?, ESS is, therefore, the sure way that can enable you to foster your sharing culture. It goes beyond mere email sharing, and allows for a continuous two-way surge through wikis, tagging, micro-blogs etc, this is indeed a good way for enterprise search.
  2. Introduce project management tools: Resource and financial management, task meant for projects between teams and functions can really be a lot and some huge deal, this process can be made easy efficient as well as effective through the use of project management tools such as Clarizen, EPM live, Microsoft project for Office 365, Celoxis.
  3. Boost your organizational productivity through innovation: innovation is indeed an important arm of productivity. Crowdsourcing as well as capturing ideas via campaigns and building communities that are innovation oriented is a must if one needs to have a productive business. For one to have a productive organization, one needs to realign his people with the new productivity paradigm as well as able to build a culture and ready to allow employees to embrace this new trend, and if possible re-skill them so as to leverage on these tools be sure that you are on the way to  enterprise productivity.

Any further doubt? We believe, sharing knowledge enriches mutual productivity.

Rohit Madaan

Rohit Madaan

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