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Marketing Automation Tool

7 Marketing Automation Tools To Increase Your Revenue By 10X

Marketing is just unskippable to your business. But you can’t invest all of your time in marketing. What if there is a quick fix to simplify? Or automate all those voluminous and repetitive tasks altogether?  With marketing automation tools, you

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Why Marketing Automation is Important for Your Business Strategy

The Evolving Future of Marketing Automation for Businesses

Undoubtedly the past few years have been a significant challenge for most businesses. When it’s about ensuring customers perceive the company as strong, stable, and reliable through difficult times, C-suite executives rely on the experience and expertise of their marketing

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COVID-19 Impact on Businesses - Circumventing Apprehension the Right Way

COVID-19 Impact on Businesses – Circumventing Apprehension the Right Way

Covid-19 pandemic has brought about radical changes that weren’t anticipated by businesses globally. Firms that could strategically balance protection and operations today, will endure this pandemic and emerge on the other side as winners.  The global economy is staring straight

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5 Star IT Consulting Firm - Signity Solutions

Signity Solutions Proud to be a Five Star IT Consulting Firm

Here at Signity Solutions, we know it can be tricky to balance the management of your top priority business challenges while also providing top IT services for your internal staff’s convenience and your external stakeholders’ amazement. That’s why we specialize in delivering

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Trends and Challenges for SMBs in 2020

Trends and Challenges for SMBs in 2020

We are almost at the end of 2019, a time when you might be wondering what you achieved last year, how you could perform better, and, most importantly, what opportunities you can gather in the upcoming year.  That’s true! Just

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4 Technologies and Products to Improve your Workplace Productivity

Workplace productivity is decreasing since 2007. It was the same year when mobile apps rose to prominence, becoming an extremely important aspect of our day-to-day life. While some consider new mobile application development and new smartphone manufacturing the cause of

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82% of the Failed Businesses in the US had a Cash Flow Problem! How you can Save your Startup?

Every business goes through financial distress at some point in time. But the most sensitive and vulnerable stage is just before its take-off. In this stage, the business is called a startup. It starts with an idea and some people

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