How is Chatbot App Development helping in Unlocking Business Value?

February 19, 2019
Deepinder Rana


The animal kingdom holds many different organisms with different capabilities and abilities. With that saying, humankind is the top occupant of the food chain. And it is for the ability to empathize, reason and to be able to communicate. Communication has broken the barrier of misconception. It has brought people together since the advent of the first forms of sound from humans. With the rise of growing technology, today people can talk with a person staying miles away. With a simple telephone call or using the video call feature, we can talk and see each other. Here in this post, we shall discuss how chatbot development holds the future in this evolution of communication techniques.

The Scenario of Chatbot App Development


Evolution of Chatbots


A decade and a half back, short message services were used to reply in case we were not able to receive calls. This gave birth to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Hike. Such is the popularity of WhatsApp that it alone handles about 30 billion messages daily. Quite unbelievable! Everyone prefers messaging over calls due to the active receptivity as well as the ability to use emoticons for expressing without words. When this simple technology combines with artificial learning, some exciting possibilities come up. It can help various companies in handling customer care services, even at times can assist with machine learning. Artificial intelligence is like cheese that can make anything look and taste better. AI Chatbots are the best practical application of Artificial Intelligence services. It uses its unique intelligence to stand out of general technical smartness.

Business development through Chatbots


The World runs on 30-minute pizza delivery and fast cars. A customer will not hold the call for 5 or 10 minutes. BPOs are attending several consumer calls every day. Many of which are not even genuine at times. They waste precious time for a person who wants to raise a unique concern. Alas! The customer cuts the call and swears never to hire such a service. As such a business loses a customer, who will stop more customers from coming aboard.

Here nobody was at a mistake. But a customer lost is an opportunity missed and with it comes to a further backlash. It was then that the leaders understood the need of the hour i.e. streamlining human resources to much more productive work. While the AI chatbots can take care of consumer concerns, refer them to higher authorities in case the matter is of grave seriousness.

Customer service chatbots are evolving with the sole purpose of improving customer service. They are also helping in increasing professionalism on the corporate front. Their introduction to corporate service is for increasing business value. As customer satisfaction with least efforts is the primary motto of an organization.

For highest efficiency, the AI development companies must keep this thing in mind. They must ensure that the chatbot should be able to free-up the customer in a short duration of time as everyone wants a quick resolution to their problems. If a company is investing in the bot development program, then it’s justified. It will ensure the least involvement of humans in unnecessary, time-consuming calls by pranksters. Majority questions are repetitive, and they have similar solutions. That’s why chat-bots have become popular, i.e. automated replies and thereby saving a lot of time on both sides.

Some real-life applications of Chatbots


The best feature of AI chatbot is that it is available all day-all time. It doesn’t need leaves and casual Fridays! Hence a query can be entertained at any time of the day and any day of the year. Thereby, workflow chatbot helps in engaging the workforce for work of greater responsibilities. Such as attending client conferences and some real difficult consumer problems. This will help in boosting the morale of the company workforce and increasing the productivity of call centers. A survey has estimated the raising of productivity by 300% by engaging chat-bots in customer care.

Take an example of Swiggy or Zomato in India. Chatbot development companies provided customized chatbots for these platforms. This development took place in the initial wave of AI chatbot development in India. We might have issues with delivery executives, or the food delivered by these companies. Most of the time all our problems are resolved in the online chat itself. And this not even involves any human interaction. Such is the advancement of artificial intelligence. According to a survey, by 2020, about 90% of consumer interactions will be through chatbots, besides other interactions, thanks to the advancement by bot development companies.

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Chatbots have recently found their new career in the IT and HR departments. Also in organizations which cater to the queries raised by company employees. This helps the AI engine to explore a new array of possibilities and saves the time of HR, and IT heads. It solves most problems which they are facing. This helps in building the company’s image as an employee-friendly organization while concentrating on matters where the decision of every department head is essential.


AI Chatbots are under rigorous development. They need more time to be self-capable of taking complex decisions. But with the recent breakthrough advancement, all one can say is that chatbots are about to take the position of that entire row sitting at any BPO. Answering any call or trying to introspect about the next steps, Chatbots are more confident now. They have better problem-solving skills learned every day from us. They are the first line of action that any customer communicates with. Be it Railway inquiry system or a simple college website. These web-assistants have been invading our consumer experience. And are changing it one byte at a time! In the upcoming future, talking to customer care executive will be an act of the past, like receiving any letter in today’s world of e-mails!

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