Chatbot- An eCommerce Tool for your Property Business

December 12, 2018
Deepinder Rana

Property or real estate business is one of the most recognized sectors around the world. It can be categorized as Housing, Commercial, Retail, and Hospitality. There is one more activity important to real estate business, and that is to offer property management solutions. A few years back, real estate businesses were marked by customers contacting real estate agents on the phone or by going to their office. The agent would then recommend the available properties to the customer, from which the customer selects the most suitable option. This method was dependent on human interaction.


Then there was an element of human prejudice in it as well. Since last few years, rapid integration of technology in the real estate business has led to complete reorganization of this industry. Many real estate portal development companies are offering their services. This platform brings together customers and sellers. Sellers list their property on the website with details and photographs. Customers select the property of their choice from all available options. Such is the popularity of online property portals that more than 44% of customers bought a property they found on the internet in 2017. As a result, demand for companies offering custom website development services has touched new heights. In 2017, leading real estate platform in the US, Zillow got more than 498 million page-views. This highlights the potential of an effective real estate portal.

Chatbots for property business


You must be aware of the rising popularity of Chatbots. In simple terms, Chatbots are AI programs that can communicate with customers over the internet. Chatbots offer a prompt reply to queries of customers and help to form a relationship. Chatbots evolve with time and are now replacing humans from various functions in a company.

Due to the many advantages on offer, many businesses are now deploying chatbots on their websites and apps. They are performing customer service functions. The focus in the real estate industry is to generate the interest of a client. Customer care chatbots can perform this function. They can start conversations with potential clients and turn them into a client.

How chatbots can be beneficial for property business


If you are running a property business, usage of chatbots is important for you. There are many ways in which chatbots can become an effective e-commerce tool for your business.

1. Chatbots are good at engaging shy or skeptical clients who hesitate to talk over the phone.

2. Chatbots can identify tech-savvy clients who use online searches. Then they work on engaging those potential customers.

3. By answering questions from potential customers, chatbots free-up human resources.

4. By handling repetitive tasks, Chatbots help save money and time.

5. Chatbots collect data from users and creates a profile for them. Customers are then shown information based on their profile.

6. Human agents can get valuable insights into client even before the first meeting.

7. Chatbots can identify those clients who are more likely to buy a property. This saves the time of human agents as they only need to focus on clients more likely to buy.

How Chatbots work towards customer retention

Apart from being an effective e-commerce tool, chatbots act as customer service representatives. Some ways in which chatbot development help the customers engage with your property business are: –

1. Chatbots help customers with searches and find out all information they need.

2. Chatbots work round the clock to answer customer queries immediately.

3. Chatbots answer customer emails on time.

4. Customers can find answers to most of their questions which they hesitate to ask from human agents.

5. Chatbots can fix up an appointment for the customers with an agent. The work for an agent is reduced as the chatbot has already done the difficult tasks.

The road ahead for your Property Business

It is true that AI is still in its early stages, but it is also true that this technology is evolving. Chatbot development have significant benefits to offer for your real estate business. Chatbots allow customers as well as human agents to save time and efforts. The cost that you would incur on chatbot and property management software development would be offset in a few months itself. Chatbots will not only free-up your human resources but would also help save time on routine tasks.

As the property industry is evolving, you must also keep abreast with the pace of change. Here are some steps you must take to ensure the growth of your property business:

1. Hire an outsourcing team and create a responsive website for your business.

2. Design a chatbot and deploy it on your website and messaging platform.

3. Create a functional mobile app for your property business

In their short lifespan, Chatbots have emerged a powerful tool for all types of businesses. They have a special application in the real estate industry as an e-commerce tool. Not only can they promote properties to customers they can also help with closing the deal. Do not believe that chatbots are preferable for millennials only. Baby boomer also like using chatbots, as revealed by a recent report.

Whether you looking to design a chatbot for your real estate business or looking for real estate ERP integrated solutions? your search ends here. At Signity, we offer you expert chatbot development services for your property business. Our team of developers and designers provide a wide range of solutions for your real estate business. Whatever may be your requirements, we can handle it. Get in touch with us now and let us take care of your e-commerce needs.

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