Is Chatbot Ready to Take Over the Role of Tele-Callers?

July 27, 2018

Over the last decade, we have seen significant advancements in AI chatbot technology. As a result, demand for a good chatbot development company has increased manifolds.  But most of the businesses have been using chatbots only to render help to Tele-Callers. And, AI chatbots are performing the task quite intelligently and with utmost smoothness. They have helped in marketing the service, product, and technology effectively. Now the question is arising, can chatbots handle the complete autonomy to replace the job of Tele-Callers completely?

Is Chatbot Ready to Take Over the Role of Tele-Callers?

Chatbot Development: Understanding the Scenario


One of the significant determiners of the success of any business has always been its customer service. The more efficient it is, the more successfully a business can run. It can make a company sell and get customers in multitudes. A study conducted to explore the impact customer service has on the company’s selling power revealed astonishing dataIt showed that the customers were not convinced with whatever a Tele-Caller said to them about a service or product. It is because Tele-Callers were not saying the things in a convincing manner. In such a scenario, the customers would never buy your service or product. The percentage of the unsatisfied customer service was more than 91 percent.

It has acted as an impetus for businesses to not only offer comprehensive training to their customer services staff. But at the same time launch a search for a possible technological replacement for the job. Something which could not only bring automation but efficiency and intelligence as well. The result is the emergence of AI development tools in the form of AI chatbot.

Advantages: Chatbot Development


With the advent of AI chatbots, we now could put an end to the following three major problems customers usually faced while trying to connect with the customer service of a company:

  1. It was impossible for a tele-caller to receive a large number of calls. They would say to the customer to call back after some time or to put the call on hold. This usually discourages the customer and they hung up. But now, with the help of bot development services, attending to inquiries from thousands of customers can be done easily.
  1. Customers used to leave because they were told it was an inappropriate time to call, the business has closed down. Come back the next day. But now, with the customer care chatbots,  service is available day and night, every day of every week.
  1. Sometimes, it is not comprehensible enough what the customer says. Customer representative cuts the caller short in these cases. That impacts business profits because the caller won`t show up again. But chatbots are smart enough to understand the customer query and can engage the caller efficiently.

Hire the best Chatbot Development Company!


These hurdles can be done away with by employing the best bot development services for your company. AI chatbot has made possible the seamless customer service. With hiring the best chatbot development company, you hire the best chatbot developers. And so going beyond the time barrier, attending hundreds of customers at the single moment, and marketing service, all can be done effectively. Bots help in cost reduction and increase in service efficiency. Another significant feature of bots is they are easy to put in place for businesses and for customers, they are more comfortable to connect.
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