Role of Chatbots in Sales Promotions

July 9, 2018

Chatbots in Sales Promotions

According to HubSpotclose to 57% of the users don’t have any problem in communicating with the chatbots for their instant response.

Chatbots are making their own space in the marketing niche. No matter you run an e-commerce website or an IT company, using chatbots to boost your marketing efforts has emerged as one of the newest trends in the market.

But, how are chatbots bringing this transformation? What role do these electronic bots play? How do chatbots help in sales promotion? Well, by the time you will end up reading this post, you will have all the answers.

So, let us begin!

  • Chatbots for a Personalized Experience

What seemed in its early days to be a completely machine-like experience has now been transformed into a more personal experience thanks to technology.

With the advancement in chatbot development and the rise of integrations with social media and other similar online resources, chatbots can now easily identify the user behavior, their habits and lot more to make the initial interaction with them lot more personal than you would have ever imagined. And, this has been one of the major reasons why chatbots have garnered such an immense rise in popularity in the marketing niche.

  • Chatbots for quick and Efficient Engagement

Marketing and promotion have always been about effective engagement with the audience. Engaging is something that keeps the user hooked up from the moment he or she visits the website. It is through this initial interaction that you can strike a conversation, build a bond and push the customer further down in the sales funnel.

This is exactly what chatbots can help you achieve. By sending relevant information to the audience while they are on your platform, chatbots present your business with an opportunity to entice the customer in one way or the other and stay on your platform for long. And, the longer the customer stays on the website higher are the chances of making a sale.

  • Chatbots for Data Gathering

The biggest superpower of chatbots is their capability to gather a large volume of data. As these bots are programmed to interact with customers of all types, they can eventually collect meaningful data from the interaction and use it to help your marketing team plan better campaigns.

Marketing today is all about gathering meaningful data and then using that data to create campaigns which can prove to be successful. With the help of chatbots, this entire process can be simplified and hence they can prove to be a great addition to your marketing team.

  • Make your Business Proactive, instead of just Active

One of the biggest advantages of using chatbots for sales promotions lies in the fact that they are proactive. Contrary to human response, which can be delayed as you cannot always have someone available to respond instantly to customer queries, these AI chatbots can virtually do that for you.

This not only makes sure that the customer does not leave your business website empty-handed, but also leaves a lasting impression as well. After all, responsiveness is one of the most important factors that people consider when interacting with a business. A chatbot can eventually make your business proactive instead of just active.

And, it’s not just hearsay. The biggest brands in the market are using the power of these chatbots for building their brands.

  • Brands using Chatbots for Marketing

Two of the most prominent examples of chatbots being used by brands come in the form of ‘My Starbucks Barista from Starbucks’, and Epic Reads and Book Genie from Harper Collins.

And, there are many other names that are slowly but surely following their path by developing their own chatbots.

Right from information gathering and recording data to customer interaction and whatnot – chatbots can virtually do everything you can expect to get from a promotional tool making them a smart investment for your business.

So, are you ready to invest in it?

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Rohit Madaan

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