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Amazon Web Services AWS Guide- Signity Solutions

Amazon Web Services: Everything you Need to Know

Owing to the growing business complexities, a cost-effective, highly-elastic cloud computing service that offers you high performance is the need of the hour. This is where Amazon web services or AWS cloud computing services step in! AWS cloud computing is

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What is CRM

What is CRM? A Detailed Guide to Customer Relationship Management System

Businesses thrive on long-lasting customer relationships, and every organization, from an SMB to a large enterprise, understands this very well. However, maintaining a long-lasting customer relationship is easier said than done. It is especially true for large organizations where you

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A Guide to Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Signity Solutions

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Exploring the #1 CRM Platform

Cloud computing is the future for digital enterprises. Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables your remote digital marketers to manage the marketing strategies. In this article, we talk you through the benefits and everything else that’s there to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. A small

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Zoho Remotely Adapting Businesses to the New Normal - Signity Solutions

Zoho Remotely: Adapting Businesses to the New Normal

The age-old maxim: ‘Survival of the fittest’ aptly defines the business environment today. With sudden radical changes, there’s an essential need to shift and adapt to a new working style- aka remote working. Zoho Remotely delivers right on! Read to

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Zoho WorkDrive - Signity

Zoho Reinvents Its Cloud Storage With Workdrive

If you would ask me to name the most innovative IT companies right now, Zoho is the first name that would come in my mind. With its revolutionary products, the company has brought a revolution in the cloud-service and software

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Zoho CRM Features to Look Out for this Year!

Zoho is a leading Customer Relationship Management Software that helps businesses to streamline and automates their sales and marketing tasks. Compared to other CRM softwares, Zoho is an ideal pick for a variety of business sizes. There is no shortage of  Zoho CRM features, which

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Zoho vs. Salesforce: Which CRM to Choose for your Business?

If you are running a business, be it big or small, you must have come across the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Business and CRM go hand in hand as CRMs constitute the backbone of the data storage and backup. 

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Move quickly Zoho API V1.0 to V2.0 -SignitySolutions

Why Do You Need to Migrate From Zoho CRM API Version 1.0 to 2.0

An API is a set of a defined mechanism of communication between 2 or more systems. Hence, the API is supreme to the optimal functioning of integration with the CRM system. Zoho API is based on REST API that allows you

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Common Issues While Implementing Zoho CRM

Introduction When we think about business, the first thing which pops up into our heads is “profits.” Of course, profits are essential, but great business people never really fix an amount they will make before they start their business, but

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Zoho and Salesforce-SignitySolutions

Why Zoho and Salesforce Are Trending in 2020

Customer Relationship Management was initially started to improve customer service. But now, it relates to the entire business strategy. CRM works like “Magic,” it is a single repository that boosts sales, marketing, and customer support activities while streamlining the whole

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