How are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Getting Better with User Experience?

November 13, 2018
Priyanka Mehra

Digital money is a reality today. With the advent of blockchain technology, many cryptocurrencies have entered the market. In particular, Bitcoin Ether, and XRP have gained massive popularity in recent times. They have emerged as a digital alternative to the traditional methods of exchange. A few studies highlight the growing impact of cryptocurrencies in the world economy. As per their findings, 17 million bitcoins are in circulation today. Also, the global value of bitcoins has touched $10.1 trillion. Look at the stats, aren’t they humongous?. Mark my words, cryptocurrency development services are all set to revolutionize our lives.

cryptocurrency exchanges getting better with user experience

That is to say; cryptocurrencies are developing as a great alternative to the physical money. Though cryptocurrency development services have their share of complexities, there is no sign of them slowing down. Efforts are going on to make cryptocurrencies more secure and stable. Also, many companies in the digital money space are opting for KYC verification. So, things are changing for good in the real sense. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Wish to know more? Want to know how cryptocurrencies can change the way enterprises run? How are they getting better with user experience? I’ll try to make things easier for you. Have a look:

● Scaling Issues

There is no denying that bitcoin is very popular. The potential upside in it, in 2018 stands at a massive 150%. But, scaling issues is a problem that needs redressal. At present, bitcoins can handle 6-7 transactions per second. That’s quite slow in comparison to credit cards. So, how crypto companies are solving this problem? With an expansion of the user base, blockchain technology companies are now using Lightning Network. It allows for transactions of the blockchain. Also, it increases the speed to infinite and makes the transaction cost zero.

● Legitimate ICOs

With more use of cryptocurrency development services, legitimate ICOs are growing. The Initial Coin Offerings have led to a more significant interest in ethereum. A market cap of $200 billion is a testimony of that. The way things are shaping up, the demand for digital coins are all set to touch the sky.

● Regulation

Legal stability and certainty is a must for any market. Today, many countries started regulating bitcoins. In Japan and Australia, they are now a popular means of exchange. Individuals and companies are investing in bitcoins on a large scale. Therefore, with tight regulation, the confidence of users in cryptocurrency wallet development services has also become strong.

● Institutional Money

With an improved user experience, the flow of institutional funds has increased. A few reports suggest inflow of $10-$12 billion into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This increased funding has propped the market of bitcoins to around $500 billion. So, the future is all set for digital currencies to disrupt the market.

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Priyanka Mehra

Priyanka Mehra

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist at Signity Solutions
Being an online marketer, she loves to learn, explore and implement new marketing strategies.She is insightful when it comes to marketing challenges, trends, and growth hacking.
Priyanka Mehra

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