Tips to Develop a Chatbot Persona for your Brand

December 19, 2018
Deepinder Rana

Chatbots are one of the best resources of a website as they truly enhance the productivity and reaches of a brand. These bots have a personality of their own and interact with the site visitors. They chat with the viewers and make them feel comfortable as they clear out all the queries. They pop up on their own and break the ice themselves. There are many artificial development companies in India that can hook you up with the best Chatbot for your Brand’s portal.


Since the arrival of Chatbots in the market, it has become something which every artificial development companies in India have started to use. One must select the best chatbot development company to develop an AI-enabled approach to Chatbot development. But, when it comes to choosing which persona you should go for, the real problem starts to pop-up. It is this time when most of the site owners feel pressurized under the dilemma of “what persona should I choose for my brands’ Chabot?” If you are one among them, read this article. It will cover several tips and tools that will help you to develop a Chatbot persona for your brand.

What is a Chatbot persona?

Persona is the same as personality. These bots not only start a conversation with the viewers but they also chat in a certain specified manner. Since no two sites are alike, choosing a Chatbot persona that your competitor is using might not be the best-suited persona for your Chatbot. This is why you should hire a Chatbot developer, as they are the veterans and know how to give your Bot, the best-suited personality.

Traits of a Chatbot with Persona

All in all, a Chatbot with an effective persona is valuable for a brand and its business. Some traits that a Chatbot should carry are:

  • Human-like approach and script delivery
  • It should be Predictive in Nature
  • A personality carrying elements like being trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly
  • Interaction time should be short and simple
  • A simple UI/UX design with a customer focused approach
  • Extended support to the business and its various elements.

Tips and Tricks for effective Chatbot persona development

While choosing a persona for your Bot, you should consider the tips mentioned in this list. The thing that ensures the quality of your website’s User experience is a blend of User’s interaction and virtual assistant. Some tips to develop a personality for your personas are as follows:

1. Humour or serious Nature:

While some of the website bots exercise Humour, others work on the theme of serious topics. If your brand is focusing on consumers that age among 10 to 20, then you should focus on a humor based persona. Whereas, if your brand has to focus on a mature audience, it is better to go with a serious tone. At least a touch of serious behavior is important.

2. What’s the regional nature:

A region and its nature play an important role in influencing your business till the core. Suppose, if you are dealing with customers of a region that does not go very well with political outreach, you should choose a bot of moderate nature. Whereas, for a region where the audience is comprised of a large number of teens, it’s a better choice to have a talkative customer care bot.

3. Choose a persona according to your product:

One of the significant aspects when it comes to choosing a persona is to pick-up one that complements the product range. This is where market segmentation and its details come into play. AI consulting services not only helps you to do this but they offer a much reliable persona for your Chatbot. Suppose, if you deal in toys then it is better to choose a theme accordingly. But, if your product is supposed to be consumed by a genuine audience the conversation of your Bot with the user should be serious.

4. Gender-oriented Chatbot Persona:

Chatbot development services come in very handy when it comes to creating a gender-oriented Chatbot persona. The effect created by this influences sale on a great level. For products that are basically used by men, the theme should follow a masculine feel as it will make them more comfortable. Similarity, if your product is oriented for sales in the women segment of the market, choose a Chatbot persona with a feminine vibe. These days gender neutrality and its concepts are taking a great hit on businesses. So, it is a rather effective concept to get a gender-oriented sales chatbot for your brand.

5. Static vs. learning Chatbot:

One of the greatest confusions while choosing Chatbot’s persona is its nature. You need to choose whether your Chatbot persona should be static or learning. These nature choices affect a great deal and have the pros and cons of their own. Brands that do not want their bots to offer information of anything more than the script use Static Chatbots. These types of Chatbots are beneficial for educational institutions and similar organizations.

On the other hand, Chatbots of learning nature gain knowledge with every user’s interaction with them. They improvise and adapt through the chats and become a better version of themselves every time they interact with someone. This nature of Chatbot is advised for brands where they focus primarily upon the user interface and User Interaction. Not only it will save the time of the customer service team, but also it will give your customers a smart and quick solution to their queries.

So, these are some of the tips you should consider while choosing an effective Bot for your brand’s website or application. Machine learning consulting services offer great help, and it will enhance the overall experience of the user. If you are looking to hire an outsourcing team, Signity Solutions can help you to build your chatbots with the team of best professionals.

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