How Bringing your ERP on Mobile can make your Business Lean?

June 24, 2018

How bringing your ERP on mobile can make your business lean

In today’s highly competitive world where fortunes of companies changes within seconds, going lean is developing as a great business practice. The concept of lean is quite simple but it requires a focused approach and change in perception on behalf of companies to make it practically viable. Businesses going lean leads to improved quality, reduced cost, increased profit, shorter lead time and improved productivity. The concept of lean is slowly evolving and broadening with time. It has been observed that the effectiveness of lean increases many times when combined together with mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

In a time where mobile phones have outnumbered the desktops, mobile ERP is really a great method to make one’s business more lean and profitable. The mobile ERP integration is nothing but a group of integrated applications capable of storing and managing huge amounts of data of companies at various stages of the business. A recent study has revealed that in the next three years, more and more companies will go the mobile way to carry out ERP procedures as it will help them stay responsive in a connected market.

Mobile ERP is a better version of standard ERP and it has immense potential to make one’s business lean. So let’s see in detail what mobile ERP brings to the table for businesses in the tech-savvy market of today.

  • Improved operational efficiency

Delay in getting parts needed for production is the last thing a manufacturing industry wants. Such hindrance in production can be easily overcome with mobile ERP as it will give an early warning about delayed delivery of parts. This will provide the much needed time to a manufacturing unit to manage things to keep production running.

  • Quick decision making

Efficient data management is a must for businesses to up their productivity. Mobile ERP with its ability to provide instant access to business data helps to take quick decisions so as to increase the efficiency of the industrial units.

  • Improved workflow

A proper planning and mindful collaboration is a must for managing one’s workflow. Mobile ERP with its ability to send workflow alerts, allow a team of workers to respond to a  task from the comfort of a mobile device. Requisition and release of orders, approval of reports and various other processes can be done effectively with mobile ERP.

  • Competitive edge

With its ability to deliver real-time updates to customers on the spot, mobile ERP gives a competitive edge to a firm over others in the market. In addition, there is also less wastage of time as workers can work from anywhere on their mobiles thereby increasing productivity.

  • Integrated search features

In today’s digital age most information is accessed through search engines. People like to receive data instantly. The Enterprise Mobility Solutions have taken this problem into account by merging search options in mobile ERP so that the users can exactly find what they want.

Bringing ERP on mobile has plenty to offer to a progressive enterprise and this trend is only growing to increase in the coming years. We at Signity Solutions have years of experience in enterprise resource planning. So if you are keen to make your business lean by going the mobile ERP way, our dedicated team of workers is just a knock away. Feel free to reach us here and we will revert back at the earliest.

Rohit Madaan

Rohit Madaan

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