Google Pixel Strengthens the AI-Smartphone Bond

October 10, 2017
Ritika Jatana Suneja

Artificial intelligence – a name that has escalated quickly in the field of technology. After all, the ability of machines to think like a human and have an emotional quotient is something that has absolutely changed the way people perceived technology. Precise, error-free and accurate – that’s how artificial intelligence functions and gets hold of the cognitive abilities of humans seamlessly. Remember Siri and Cortana? How they help us out with our everyday issues is impeccable, isn’t it?


In fact, Google has been using artificial intelligence to get an edge over its competitors since a while. By taking the artificial intelligence and smartphone partnership further, it has definitely gone a level up. With its recent launch of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, the bond between artificial intelligence and Google has certainly been strengthened. It is redefining the way smartphones function. Facing intense competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone X, Google has been smart enough to pay special attention to its phone’s camera quality. And, guess how did they do it? Of course, by incorporating artificial intelligence. With flawlessly combining its hardware and software along with artificial intelligence, the cameras of both the phones are by far the best in the market, as claimed by Google.

With a 12 megapixel rear camera, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are priced at £629 and £799 respectively and have been quick in acquiring a whopping score of 98 in the DxOMark test. With an extensive use of optical stabilization with its existing electronic stabilization, Google has possibly done everything to surpass its rivals who have been using only a single stabilization method. Wondering what’s the difference? Well, unlike its counterparts, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL saves you from too many of blurred shots with a reduced noise in low light. If that’s not enough, they even have features of dual-pixel phase detection which instantly lets you auto-focus.

Further, you can even make use of its portrait mode that has the effect of DSLR influenced bokeh effect with just one camera – Yes. It doesn’t require any dual cameras or depth sensors for it. That’s so amazing, isn’t it? And, to top it all, Google has also incorporated certain augmented reality features in its phone. Based on similar lines of the Facebook camera and Snapchat filters, Google Pixel 2 has a plethora of inbuilt augmented reality stickers. Including AR stickers in the native camera itself is first of it’s kind of feature brought on board by Google. Be it any emoji or a character from your favorite movie “Star Wars”, you can place them on the scene and click photos with them while they literally interact with each other. How cool is that!

So, you see how artificial intelligence has bridged the gap between reality and fiction while transforming our lives for better. It indeed gives one the best of enthralling experiences, making everything a lot easier and accessible for the mankind.

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Ritika Jatana Suneja

Ritika Jatana Suneja

Head of Content, Social and Digital Marketing at Signity Solutions
Ritika is the Head of Content, Social and Digital at Signity Solutions - one of the fastest growing companies offering award winning solutions across web, mobile and cloud. She is a positivist with a love for traveling, writing, singing and cooking. Writing being her first love, she’s been enjoying the writing experience since more than a decade by authoring write-ups about everything from technology, marketing, cloud to philosophy, philanthropy and traveling.
Ritika Jatana Suneja

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