Impact of Business Process Automation on Bottom line

December 6, 2018
Manwinder Singh

In every business, there are several inter-related and cross-functional business processes. These processes continually interact and evolve as per market, industry and organizational needs. In doing so, they also become complicated and sometimes, unsteady. Today, by the use of technology, an organization can bring Business Process Automation Services to eradicate this convolution.


Process automation is an automation system, a software or a strategy to bring about digital transformation with the use of advanced AI/Machine learning consulting solutions. They automate a set of organizational activities that are usually repetitive and methodical. By the use of business process automation, companies aim to bring about higher levels of collaboration, reduce redundancy of steps and resources, provide transparency in various processes, assure regulatory compliance and reduce costs.

Benefits of Business process automation


Business process automation can be applied to a variety of functions and departments in an organization such as digital marketing, information technology, human resources, sales, legal, finance, and administration, among others. It has several benefits for the organization which indirectly or directly affects the bottom line positively. Here are a few:

1. Process Automation Reduces Delay


Business automation consulting services allows organizations to get rid of old processes such as paper files. This, in turn, makes those processes faster and more efficient. It also saves time to market and leads to financial savings, thereby indirectly affecting the bottom line. It reduces the invoice cycle time. As vendors and partners can get their payments earlier, an organization can negotiate discounts from them because of this advantage and thus, impact the bottom line.

2. Process Automation Leads to Better Relationships with Partners and Suppliers


Automated processes help organizations in aligning better with their suppliers. This leads to achieving common strategic goals together and a better and tighter relationship with the partner. When partners are in sync with company goals, the targets are achieved faster directly affecting the bottom line.

3. Process Automation Creates Improvement in Customer Service Processes


Process automation leads to a reduction in time taken to solve customer issues generated at customer service points of an organization. With the help of customer care chatbot development, it has become easier to handle customer’s queries. This has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Such customers stay longer with the organization and also spend more. The organization, therefore, makes more money for a longer term from every customer.

4. Process Automation Assists in Streamlining Contract Management


The management of contracts becomes an automated and streamlined process through process automation. This leads to a decrease in mistakes which happen in manual contract management due to human error. Any errors in this process can increase the company’s liability and lead to a significant negative impact on the bottom line. Using Business automation solutions in your business, can reduce the chances of a negative impact considerably. Dropbox, Microsoft, SharePoint or Microsoft Office are some of the commonly used tools that provide process automation in contract management.

5. Process Automation Leaves Senior and Middle Management Free for Strategic Tasks


Business Process Automation frees up the company’s resources so that they can focus on more important strategic tasks. Paying more attention to strategic planning and decision making can improve the outcome of business results and enhance a company’s bottom line.

Using manual processes and working on multiple platforms in isolation leads to redundancies and inefficiencies which can impact the company’s bottom line. The unavailability of data in manual processes leads to poor decision making. There is also information loss because of lack of proper documentation. One of the most significant drawbacks of manual methods is that it leads to no visibility about a process and its operations for its stakeholders. There is, therefore, no learning or insight generation that would otherwise happen far more fluently in an automated process. This also means that no risk management adherence follows the process due to the lack of time and resources.

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