What to Look for in your BI and Big Data Consulting Partners?

October 24, 2018
Ritika Jatana Suneja

As a business owner, it often gets hard to decide whether something new is right for your company or not. Taking from a similar attitude, sometimes businesses accrue substantial losses because of hesitancy to implement new technology in business operations. There are hundreds out there who have yet to decide whether to go for Business Intelligence and Big Data Consulting. Needless to say, these are the modern trends in the business world. A Gartner report shows $22.8 billion market revenue of BI by 2020. It proves its market dominance globally. Not implementing BI and Big Data would only mean further missing out on additional benefits that come with such kinds of technological innovations.

What to Look for in your BI and Big Data Consulting Partners?

Getting on board a consulting partner for proper implementation of BI and Big Data is necessary. It adds value to your business organization. It is necessary for squeezing out the untrapped data that normally remains hidden in complicated forms in databases and other complex data resources. In case, you have been wondering, why you need a consulting partner? It is here –   To pull out data and transform it into simple implementable business insight, you need to look for a BI and Big Data Consulting partner.

Two things form the backbone of any organization. One is the customer`s interaction with your business, which is not transient but leaves indelible data. Second is your company`s BI consultants, who trap these valuable information nuggets that customer leaves. Together they help to provide you with long-lasting solutions regarding your business`s productivity and efficiency.

Deploying business automation consulting helps eradicate time-lags and loop-holes in your business operations set-up. The whole process of responding to the errors happens quickly and with flexibility. And that is precisely what you need as a business organization in today`s fast-moving and competitive business culture.  Not only this, business automation consulting helps automate your business operations, simplifies complex processes and in the overall optimization of your business, it plays a significant role.

Whatever we discussed above, that leaves us with another question, which many business owners, including you, often ask, or think about before signing up for BI and Big Data Consulting partner.

What to look for in your BI and Big Data Consulting partners?

Well, there are many things that you actually need to look for, especially if you lack prior knowledge about the thing itself, BI and Business Automation Consulting. Let`s discuss a few of them here:

Domain Knowledge

The foremost thing to look out for while choosing a business automation consulting partner is domain knowledge. They should have an expertise in the field, coupled with the sheer understanding of the business needs of your organization and zeal to implement insights properly. They should make integration of your existing business setup to the data collection sources and other databases look utterly a seamless process. Otherwise, you could miss out on many benefits such as business intelligence predictive analytics and data reporting.

Data Visualization

The significance of BI and Business Automation Consulting lies in providing intelligent inputs regarding present and past workings of the company. To gauge the current trends of your organization makes it indispensable to have reliable, regular and well-timed reports. It is where data visualization is a must. To call it the powerhouse of your organization would not be wrong.

Accessibility to Value-Adds

There are plenty of resources which when implemented successfully add value to your company`s business automation system. For example, there are tools for creating dynamic visualization out of data accrued on daily bases to your databases. They are priceless for analysis purposes and offer you a sneak preview into the working of your business. They present separately positive and negative trends recorded over the years. While looking out for BI and Big Data Consulting partners, find one that gives you access to these value-adds.

Data Storehouse

BI comes with data storehouse. It has a special feature called ETL which you need to get enabled by your business automation consulting partner. ELT stands for ‘Extract Transform Load’. For a detailed analysis of data generated through CRM and ERP, ELT is necessary. Without such tools in operation, it would be impossible for your employees to make rational as well as well-informed conclusions and decisions about your business.

Everything mentioned above is highly significant for your organization. It will help your business get most from your BI and business automation consulting. There is every reason for you to be vigilant because out there in the market, you will find BI partners promising nothing but deceptive reports, malfunctioning dashboards, and misleading data if that is something for you to be extra careful.

If you are looking for BI and Big Data Consulting partners, Signity Solutions is the right place for you. Join hands with Signity Solutions to implement business automation consulting. Skills and knowledge of our consultants make us the perfect choice. To fine-tune your business and give it a technological makeover is Signity Solution`s motive.

Ritika Jatana Suneja

Ritika Jatana Suneja

Head of Content, Social and Digital Marketing at Signity Solutions
Ritika is the Head of Content, Social and Digital at Signity Solutions - one of the fastest growing companies offering award winning solutions across web, mobile and cloud. She is a positivist with a love for traveling, writing, singing and cooking. Writing being her first love, she’s been enjoying the writing experience since more than a decade by authoring write-ups about everything from technology, marketing, cloud to philosophy, philanthropy and traveling.
Ritika Jatana Suneja

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