Micropayments: Cryptocurrencies To Be The Go-To Money

February 13, 2019
Deepinder Rana


While the world has joined the bandwagon of online shopping and electronic payments, there is something else that is holding back online transactions. The prime focus on using cryptocurrencies was to create an alternative currency that was capable of replacing our traditional monetary system.

While there is a big gap between its utilization for investors and that of the wider public. Nevertheless, some cryptocurrency development companies are bridging the gap, and consider micropayments as the cornerstone in bringing widespread accessibility for digital wallets.

But can micropayments become daily practice in terms of the transaction for the general public?

Cryptocurrencies, the Go-To Money


Cryptocurrency is very well suited for micropayments and smart contract development. The usage of digital wallets is excellent for those customers who do not want to follow the complex processes of submitting their credit card details for every small-scale transaction they do.

Most of the credit card users feel uncomfortable while submitting their details. However, crypto wallet solutions, also called, e-wallets, require a user login and choosing which payment method they would use.

Cryptocurrency is a controversial subject matter. It is refreshing to see organizations develop flexible platforms for adopting digital finance. And the ultimate goal to use crypto is to offer secure, reliable, and instant payment solutions to consumers and merchants. And for starters, crypto is being used in day-to-day life for online shopping, buying coffee, and even vending machines.

Go Cashless with Cryptocurrency


Another unappealing factor of the traditional transaction is a high transaction fee. In some case, the costs are so high that they fail to see any profit from low-cost transactions. But a solution to this problem can be found with cryptocurrency. Certain digital currencies such as Ripple and TRON carry a fraction of a cent cost per transaction made.

One of the currencies that are leaving a print in decentralized micropayments is Bitcoin Cash. It elevates the burden of credit card fees. And also for those many who accept merchant discounts to users on payment through cryptocurrency wallet. This is all because of the small costs associated with allowing transactions.

What the future holds?


There may be a potential solution in the future with the blockchain technology companies that focus on small payments. Example, Litecoin is a faster transaction currency that runs blocks in 2.5 minutes, comparing bitcoin that run blocks in 10 minutes. Dogecoin is another example that has a large fanbase and which we use largely in the tipping mechanism. The only issue with Dogecoin is the number of coins in circulation that have an adverse effect on price.

Charitable Donations


Cryptocurrency help sends money globally with lower fees and restrictions than traditional methods. According to the survey, most of the world’s population earns $2.50/day, making donations as small as $1. But the processing cost and transferring cost is very expensive, not viable for $1. Consider a cryptocurrency based donation system where you can transfer money of small amounts and make a real difference for some people without hampering your status.

Crypto wallet solutions, developed by the cryptocurrency development company not only have the power to make our lives simpler but can also help in providing financial support in the world. Micropayments can also take a step further by using smart contracts to ensure the money we donate finds a use for the conscious intention, and cannot be stolen by anybody else.



Nowadays, media place their content behind a paywall to encourage people to pay for their premium content. Certain people might like to spend a hefty subscription fee, but some might also want to pay a small fee for the article. This helps in offering the availability of excellent content, and they are likely to pay a small fee for the articles. By removing the burden of a more substantial subscription fee, the media company can increase engagement and ultimately pull a lot of revenue.  

Facilitating this type of micropayments, the system can help struggling creatives receive due credits for their content.

To Conclude


Many organizations are giving blockchain development services; micropayments based system. Currently, you can even pay for some good and services in crypto and pay in terms of micropayments. These organizations are working on facilitating micropayments by developing a system to estimate transaction fees before the actual transaction takes place. Micropayments will help you transform how we conduct the transaction online. And this will open new ways to use small payments for incremental services globally.     

At Signity Solutions, we can help you develop personalized crypto wallet solutions for processing the virtual exchanges. With a team of incredibly talented cryptocurrency developers, we specialize in assisting you to make your cryptocurrency wallet development services.

So, are you concerned about your transactions security, and looking for cryptocurrency wallet development services? Then, hire our outsourcing team of best blockchain developers in India to make your transactions secure. Feel free to reach us, and send us the requirements. We will revert at the earliest. 

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