Future of Mobile Apps with the Advent of Web Apps

August 3, 2018

Mobile Apps with the Advent of Web Apps in future

Today, mobile apps are a common phenomenon that most digital businesses utilize to develop and grow. Every small to large digital businesses have one or multiple mobile apps, advertising their brand and services. But with the advent of web apps, mobile app developers are scared and unsure. Web apps have developed quite a lot with time and have shown some phenomenal response. But mobile apps are here to stay and we are going to prove just that.

 Web apps have some advantages over mobile apps. You have to download a mobile app which can cause inconveniences with your device. Moreover, there is a limit to how many apps one will keep on their phone. When it comes to web apps, you are saved from this particular dilemma. But apart from that, mobile apps are more attractive and feature-rich. They are easy to navigate, convenient to use, and efficient in providing their services.

Here are some reasons why mobile apps have a better and brighter future when compared to web apps.

  • Speed:

While the recent upgradations have elevated the speed of web apps, mobile apps still enjoy the title of being quite fast. Despite having to download the content of your mobile phones, the mobile apps are quicker and easier to use. Moreover, the speed at which one can use an offline app is phenomenal when compared to the complexity and hassle that is an offline website. With the possibilities of 5G just across the corner, mobile apps have a large scope of growth and betterment in the future.

  • Easy access:

Mobile apps are extremely easy to open and access when compared to web apps. With a mobile app, all you need to do is maybe swipe once to open your menu and tap again to open the app. And you are done. When it comes to web apps, the process is quite complicated and time-consuming. You will need to open your phone, find a browser, type the correct website name in the search box, choose the right website from the results, and only then will you reach the web app. These high-friction steps are unattractive, time-consuming, and just not as convenient as accessing a mobile app in your smartphone.

  • Branding-:

With web apps, you can see them only when you actively visit the website. This limits their branding opportunities. When it comes to a mobile app, it is already there on your phone. We spend an innumerable amount of time browsing our phones, letting the app’s icon grab our attention. This increases the number of times one intentionally or unintentionally visits the app and avails its products and services.

  • Features:

Mobile apps offer a wide and extensive variety of features and functionalities when compared to the web apps. Things like voice search which is reaching its peak in the current market can only be availed on mobile apps. Integrating voice search facilities in a web app is almost impossible and your company may lose out on a huge crowd who wants to avail of the several benefits of voice search technology.

While web apps might be soaring in popularity, it cannot compare to the benefits a mobile app offers to companies and users combined. Their high-value and enhanced functionality make them extremely valuable in the current market as well as in the future.

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Rohit Madaan

Rohit Madaan

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Rohit Madaan