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Event Management App Features

9 Customized Event Management App Features to Automate Event Functionalities

Analyzing the numbers of Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks And Trends report, the majority of event marketers plan on investing more in live events in the future both in the budget (63%) and a number of events (63%).  This number is because a

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Mobile App Success Stories

Mobile App Success Stories to Get Inspire From in 2020

In this era of mobile application development, it requires dedication, research, and efforts to convert your idea into a responsive and functional mobile app. It is challenging to build a mobile app that stands out and is loved by millions

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Mobile App Development Solutions-SignitySolutions

Latest Trends in Mobile App Development [Updated for 2020]

The mobile app development services are changing the way how a lot of businesses are operating. Regardless of the niche, every business domain is trying to include mobile apps in their processes.  As per Statista, apps are expected to generate

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Mobile App Installs

Mobile App Installs – Everything you need to know before your app goes live

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. Customers just see one end of this deal; what goes behind the scenes is a completely different story. From app creation to designing and marketing activities, n number of things

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Voice Search - The Future of Mobile Apps

Voice Search – The Future of Mobile Apps (How to be Alexa/Assistant Ready)

Tech enthusiasts all over the world are busy discussing the numerous future possibilities for making the web search easier and living in the digital world easier. One leading option is voice technology. In the past few years, voice technology has

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Welcome The Stable Version Of Flutter - Flutter 1.9

Welcome The Stable Version Of Flutter – Flutter 1.9

Flutter is a Google open-source framework for mobile app development. It is written in Dart programming language that helps in building fast-growing mobile applications. It is a Google’s UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications that are beautiful for web,

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Business Process Management-How can Apps Help in Productivity

Business Process Management: How can Apps Help in Productivity?

Being part of an mobility service provider company, I have learned that successfully running a business is not easy. It’s a challenging path which is full of uncertainty, frustration, and endless struggles. A lot of processes are involved. Hence, it’s easy to lose

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Customer Research in Mobile App Development

What Role does Customer Research plays in Successful Mobile App Development?

Without the vital information that customer research provides, your chances of making a successful mobile app are almost zilch. According to Statista’s latest report, there are 2.7 billion smartphone and 1.35 billion tablet users worldwide. Moreover, with over 2.2 million apps

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FaceApp - AI Powered App

FaceApp – The Secret Behind the “Trending” AI-Powered App

“The human brain has large memory storage. It made us curious and very creative. Those were the characteristics that gave us an advantage – curiosity, creativity, and memory. And that brain did something extraordinary. It invented an idea called ‘the

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Mobile Apps The Powerhouse of Customer Interaction

Mobile Apps: The Powerhouse of Customer Interactions via Personalized Devices

How would you book a movie ticket – via mobile app or buy it offline at the cinema hall? Ask anyone this question, and most probably he will choose the second option, i.e., booking a ticket through the mobile app.

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