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Angular vs React – Which One is Best for Mobile App Development?

Angular vs React- What’s best for your mobile app development? It is not just Angular vs React; it is Facebook vs. Google. Seriously… a tough decision! Both frameworks are great, but then which is better for mobile app development? The

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A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Development Costs For 2020

Mobile devices are pervasive in the modern world. And emerging businesses can’t miss out on the growing opportunity.  Why? Let’s understand it with the help of quantitative data.  Here’s a data touch-point: According to Statista, there are over 3.8 Billion

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Is Your Mobile App Development Budget Realistic ?

“Problems” are important for the growth of humanity. Correction: The identification of problems is a necessity for the growth of humanity. If we don’t recognize a need for change, then the same old systems, processes, and malpractices will keep on

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Top 7 Cross-Platform Frameworks for 2020: Mobile App Development Made Easy

Surviving in the Darwinian Digital Age is directly correlated with satiating the perpetual and ever-changing needs of the customers.  And to register these ever-changing needs of the consumers, your business needs to be present, and active on the device ubiquitous

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Swift for iOS App Development

Everything you need to know about Swift for app development is here! Swift has changed the course of the iOS app development industry. It is a highly intuitive programming language for Apple operating systems like iOS, macOS, and watchOS. The language has

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Telemedicine App Development_ Outlining Costs, Types & Benefits - Signity Solutions

Telemedicine App Development: Outlining Costs, Types & Benefits

Let’s break the ice with a shared knowledge:  People dread visiting a medical clinic and oftentimes, not going seems more comfortable than actually meeting the doctor in-person. This statement can’t be more true amidst the current Coronavirus crisis. Telemedicine app solution

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Flutter vs React in 2020: We Help You Decide What’s Best!

There was a time when good mobile apps were all about their design, but in 2020 a lot has changed and users are more inclined towards the app performance.  Moreover, mobile application performance has become the ultimate standard to grade

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Level-Up your Mobile App Development in 2020 with Flutter

Most of the app development clients ask why to opt for Flutter for their mobile application development. And we would say, “Why not Flutter!”. Well, it is excellent in every way possible and superior to any other Framework. Before defining how Flutter

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Online Pharmacy Delivery Solution: Save your Pharma Business During this Pandemic

Because of the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are in constant fear of the contagion, and thereafter avoiding going out even to buy groceries and medication.  Even though many consumers have already done panic buying from toilet paper to

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5 Trends for 2020 that will Shape the Future of ERP Solutions

The business environment in present times has become very complicated. The level of competition is increasing. So are the expectations of customers. This makes it essential that businesses use their resources efficiently. This is possible only through the integration of

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