Multi-experience Development – A Must Have For Enterprises

April 15, 2019

Future of App Development is Multi-experience: Gartner


Now, before you start thinking about Multi-experience Development. I want you to list out the brands that you feel more connected to.

Most probably you might have thought about the Biggies in the industry – Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Nintendo, Nike, and Sony. Now recollect the ways you interact with these brands. It might be through physical devices television, phones, tablets, and smart watches. These physical devices serves a lot of digital experience flavors like – video, audio, or web based.

User experiences that we have through these devices adds to the perception of the brand.  

And an edgy positive perception; makes a good brand reputation.

In a competitive market, brands make continuous modernization its priority. Because, if you are not trending, nobody is going to hold on to you. Even a single bad experience can cost tons to your name.

This is why enterprises that want to  strengthen their digital experience are now looking for solutions to streamline their users experience across multiple platforms. Despite of web browsers continuing to be the most popular touchpoint, an immersive range of devices that serves multi-experience like smartwatches, smartphones, and voice-driven devices permeate the industry. Claiming that the modes of interaction are expanding across the digital user journey.


Now jumping back to Multi-experience Development

What is Multi-experience Development?


Multi-experience development platforms (MXDPs) help enterprises to rapidly scale their applications across a range of devices and platforms. MXDPs can help you develop a single application that can be deployed on a variety of devices. This greatly shortens down your efforts and gives brands more control over their digital experiences.


Source: Gartner

MXDPs will be the new Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs)


Buyers in the market are looking to address the challenge of building and delivering a sizable portfolio of mobile apps for customers, partners and employees.

They  now are looking for a complete user experience. It is no longer enough for them to simply interact with a mobile app or web application.

MXDPs are going to be the next mobile app development platforms (MADPs). It has enabled development for mobile, web, and desktop web.

Even hitting the minimum, brands are now including one more additional experience, which includes – chats, AR, and wearable. Consumers’ desire for more have caused the evolution MXDPs that supports Multiple Experience.

MXDP simply means Low Code platform integrating customized environmental experiences. The technology has gained massive traction because it comes with massive digital transformation.

Here are some more top reasons why enterprises are moving towards MXDPs –



1. Offer internal operational efficiencies


MXDPs help enterprises to support a large number of internal operations in a single space. With every process being present in one system, processes can be easily streamlined. MXDP enable organizations to create efficient, faster, and valuable digital experiences.

2. Reduce Time to Market for Mobile Apps


MXDPs can significantly improve development time by as much as 10 times. All because of the reusable code and streamlined design processes. And with faster releases, feedback cycles can also be shortened. This helps in creating and honing your digital experiences.

3. Better Control over Actual Deployment


It takes a week to conduct a single cloud-based deployment. But with the right MXDP, information can be directly sent to your cloud-based server provider, such as Amazon Web Services. Plus, MXDPs are also going to provide full-distributed environment on your behalf. Providing more efficiency by streamlining deployment process.  

4. Eliminate potential security Risk


With your application feeding on a single platform like MXDPs, you can get a 360 view of your software landscape. This can eliminate all the potential security risks like shadow IT that many organizations struggle with.  

Diving Deeper into MXDP


According to Gartner’s study, cloud-hosted artificial intelligence (AI) services such as AWS cloud solutions are the most widely used technology to support multi-experience application development (61 percent of respondents), followed by native iOS and Android development (48 percent) and mobile back-end services (45 percent).

Contrary to the perception that Mobile apps are declining, they are going to have the most impact on businesses by the year 2020. And following the mobile application comes Augment Reality and Virtual Reality applications. Although the users indicate a high level of usage of chatbots and voice apps, very few though that they are going to have a huge impact on the businesses by 2020.


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