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10 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Software Development

There has been an unprecedented growth in the outsourcing software development industry in the past few years. It can easily be comprehended from the fact that the global outsourcing market comprises of a whopping $76.9 billion. 65% of the firms

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Zoho Email Marketing Integration Challenges

Email marketing remains one of the most targeted channels to engage subscribers and keep them entertained. Zoho email marketing campaign, is an email marketing software that assists in automating your entire mail marketing process. Catering to small and medium-sized businesses,

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AWS Implementation Challenges and Benefits

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing. – Paul Maritz If we take a look at the recent development in cloud computing, we can easily say that the change has been tremendous. Businesses have embraced the

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Healthier Lifestyle Assistance Using AI Consulting -SignitySolutions

Healthier Lifestyle Assistance Using AI Consulting

AI has left nothing untouched since its inception. The latest and most important of the industries to employ AI consulting is healthcare and lifestyle. It has taken the task to make you healthier by providing you real-time lifestyle assistance. AI has

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IT System Up-Gradation Challenges

IT system up-gradation is essential; you cannot avoid it come what may. It is about technology getting outdated and need arising for the inclusion of new technology into the existing IT system. Time demands that you keep modernizing and updating

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Is Your Chatbot Well Versed With Marketing

Is Your Chatbot Well Versed with Marketing?

Marketing with AI Chatbot is the next big thing in digital marketing services where creativity and technology go hand in hand to create responsive advertisements. After the emergence of Snapchat into a full-fledged marketing tool, the next revolutionary thing to

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Pushing Data Analytics Beyond Just Numbers

Data analytics (DA) is not the buzz of today; but, it’s the base of any decision taken on calculation. Data analytics, as the name goes, is the structural arrangement and quantitative technique of numerous data in order to reach a

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Boosting organizational productivity with enterprise search implementation -SignitySolutions

Boosting Organizational Productivity using Enterprise Search

We are now in the age of technological innovations; a lot of things are now done in faster and very easy ways through the use of technology.  No matter how best one strives to expand his/her business without the use

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Save Yourself All the Trouble – Outsource PHP Developers in India

We live in a connected world. Thanks to the technological advancement made by us over the recent past, it won’t be wrong to say we have managed to transform the world into a global village, where the sharing of information

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The Ultimate Checklist while Outsourcing Work to PHP Developers in India

Globalization enables talents to be hired from any corner of the world. But collaboration with a remote team is always a bit risky. However, it is important that outsourcing needs to play a facilitative role in the process of product

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