What Skills are AI Firms Expecting From its Employees?

December 19, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also known as machine learning has come a long way in the recent few years. Instead of being a subject of discussion, it has become a reality. There has been ready integration of AI across a large number of industries. This has given rise to several AI development companies across the world. These AI consulting firms offer services to their clients and help with the integration of AI in their operations.

Not only is it making the completion of tasks easier but, is also opening up future responsibilities. All the apprehensions about AI development companies are now gone. Instead of being a job destroyer, it is emerging as a job creator. According to a report by Gartner, by 2020, AI will create 2.3 million jobs as compared to 1.8 million it will demolish. According to a leading job portal Indeed, the demand for employees with AI skills has risen by 200% over the last three years.


But AI firms are now experiencing stagnation in their growth. Therefore, they have been putting their expansion plans on hold. Instead, they are struggling to manage the current workload. This is because of the lack of qualified employees with requisite skills in AI and machine learning. Hence, the expanding applications of AI have led to a shortage of skilled employees with exposure to AI. 

Tools are trying their best to increase the supply, but the demand is still growing. The immense potential of career growth makes AI an ideal career option for individuals with a curious mindset.

Skills that AI firms are expecting from their employees

Artificial intelligence equips computers with the ability to handle specific tasks. These could be planning, identification, diagnosis, prediction and many more. The main focus is on the development of algorithms that are self-growing and self-changing on exposure to new data. In many ways, AI or machine learning resemble data mining. But in this case, data is not used for human comprehension. Instead, the data helps the machine to improve its understanding. These programs identify patterns in data and adjust the algorithm.

Critical skills that AI firms are expecting from their employees are as follows: –

1. Knowledge of Programming Languages

Artificial intelligence companies in India want their employees to have in-depth knowledge of programming languages. The most desirable ones are Python, Java, C++, and R. Employees must have up to date knowledge of these languages. It makes it easier for employees to get the desired outcomes from AI programs.

2. Distributed Computing: 

Most of the work in AI or machine learning segment requires the help of data. The massive data sets that are present today need distribution along a cluster. However, it is not possible to do it with a single machine. Employees need to have the ability to work with projects like Apache Hadoop and cloud platforms like Amazon cloud services EC2 as it makes the work easier and cost-efficient.

3. Statistics and Probability

To learn about algorithms, employees must know theories. There are models like Hidden Markov Models and Naïve Bayes. Employees must have a thorough understanding of statistics and probability. It will help with comprehension of these models.

4. Knowledge of Unix Tools: 

Linux based machines do most of the processing in AI. Thus, the employees must have expertise in overall Unix tools. The major ones being cat, sed, sort, find, cut, tr, and grep. It is beneficial to learn their functions and make good use of them. These tools help in making the processing easier.

5. Applied Maths and Algorithms

Employees need to have a firm knowledge of working of algorithms and algorithm theory. This helps with discrimination of models like SVMs. They must become expert in summations. Besides that, knowledge of subjects like gradient descent, partial differential equations, Lagrange, convex optimization is also desirable.

6. Advanced Signal Processing Techniques

One of the crucial aspects of machine learning consulting service is feature extraction. Different problems need different solutions. This requires the ability to use advanced signal processing techniques. Some of the examples being wavelets, curvelets, bandlets, and contourlets. Knowledge of time-frequency analysis and its application is also essential.

7. Eagerness to learn

AI is an evolving field. Employees must update their knowledge. Moreover, they must also learn new skills. Reading paper like Google Map-reduce, Google Big Table etc. help. Many free resources are available online. One must make their use as well.

Future for AI

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning is here to stay. It is not another passing phenomenon. It is a game-changing concept that has useful tangible and practical applications. Investments are pouring in from all sectors. According to IDC, investment in AI is going to surpass $215 billion in 2021 as compared to $ 11.4 billion in 2017. The opportunity is beckoning for machine learning companies in India and elsewhere around the world.

There was a survey of senior AI professionals conducted by Ernst and Young. 56% of participants said lack of talent is the single most significant barrier for implementation of AI. Therefore, there is an urgent need to upgrade the skills of existing employees. Need is to hire new employees with these skills also. Planning and execution must be immaculate otherwise the opportunity might go away.

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