How Top SMEs are Generating New Clients with Chatbot Integration

July 2, 2019

Growing businesses online is getting more and more challenging.  Competitors are continually working hard to use strategies that can grow their business. 

With every business owner thinking of generating more revenue from their competitors, it has become hard for SMBs to sustain in their respective industry. They need to come up with something that their competitors are not using. It has become vital to get the absolute best out of the business idea, including customer service, marketing, and sales.

The main challenge for them is how they can maximize their chances of getting customers. Customers these days prefer to get their things done instantly. 

One of the most important sales-strategy elements that businesses can discover is lead generation. Mapping your lead generation strategies with chatbots can prove to be a great combination since it can help in generating more leads. This way, you can improve your business sales by knowing what type of leads are converting them into sales with live chat and chatbots. 

To define the prominence of a chatbot, there was a prediction lately which stated that within 5 years, Chatbots would be one of the significant tools of lead conversion. 

It is estimated that by 2020, 85% of the customer interaction will be handled by a non-human agent such as chatbots. In the near future, chatbot development services are going to be the next big thing.

Applications of a Chatbot Integration

However, if you are doubtful about the applications of a chatbot when it comes to SMEs, you must continue reading this blog.

• Increase in sales within no time

Regardless of the type of industry, giving the best user experience to the customers has emerged as the most important reason for success. Sales and service chatbots can carry out automation process of your business 24×7, 365 days a year. In the meantime, you can invest that precious time to other aspects of your business.

Chatbots can be equipped with artificial intelligence. That means it can easily compile data, analyze it, and come up with a decision based on it.
This allows chatbots to provide a recommendation to your customers based on queries, previous purchase history, or even a previous conversation that happened in the last visit.

Chatbots in the new age can not only recommend, but it can also talk about the products in real-time. It can also give the customer a detailed explanation. For example, regarding a specific product and make them understand why it is different from another.

Apart from that, chatbots can also suggest product based on good user reviewer. This in turns save a lot of time of the customer. In total, every customer gets a personalized assistant which is tailored to their taste, preferences, and interests. And when personalized options are given to customers they feel at ease, and the tendency to purchase will be high.

• An impressive improvement in customer relations

Let’s admit it, the majority of people prefer to chat instead of talking over the phone and getting stuck with communication issues. According to a recent report by Business insider messaging apps have more prominence among people than that of social media. So wouldn’t it be nice if your business website has a chat app that’s equipped with AI to carry out a conversation with your customer?

Scripted chatbots and AI incorporated chatbots can carry conversations with each and every potential user that visits your website. If there is any complex question that needs to be answered, it can direct the query to your support team.

Another important aspect of such interactions is that your customer will be using your website in various time zones. It is not commercially viable to maintain a team that can answer them 24×7. Customer care chatbots can solve this issue, and it’s inexpensive compared to the money that you need to spend for a support team.

As a result, a huge increase in reliability in customer perspective. And there is a high chance that the customer can come back or even recommend friends about your website.

• Can be used to emphasize company brand and image

Branding is essential for any company despite to distinguish itself from others in the eyes of customers. Branding often happens as words, design, symbol, or even functions. Chatbots have become the symbol of digital branding nowadays.

For instance, lately, the renowned Starbucks has released a chatbot with the name ‘Starbucks Barista’ to carry over their online orders. What’s astounding about this implementation is that it is capable of replicating the emotional connection that Starbucks customers get while interacting with their human employees.


Source: chatbotguide

‘Starbucks Barista’ is able to provide customized drink suggestions to Starbucks customers based on their preferences. It can also carry out the payment process and even ask for tips. And input required was either text message or voice.

With this latest implementation, Starbucks was able to project an image that, be it human or an AI-powered chatbot, the company is all for personalization.

‘Starbucks Barista’ became an extension of their brand rather than being a standalone product. And moreover, they were able to cater to their customer who prefers technology rather than human interaction. The business the app was able to bring to the table was an ample example of that.

This can be implemented from an SME perspective too. The point is it doesn’t matter what’s the size of any organization. Chatbots are for all.

• Automates a lot of business tasks

A chatbot can automate many business tasks that used to consume a great deal of time, money and manpower.

As mentioned above, it can be a perfect customer support assistant for your customers. Apart from that, Chatbots can be used to increase sales by giving personalized recommendation for customers, answering FAQs, fill out forms, carry out orders and billing, implement scalable operations, acts like an app, etc. Endless possibilities of chatbots are yet to be found.

From a client perspective, this digital transformation will make sure that your company is looked upon as an organization which keeps up with time. Chatbots can also carry out e-mail campaigns; send personalized messages to subscribers etc. which further increases the conversion rate.

• The best tool to drive results

The secret of converting a user to a customer is to make sure that they have been taken care of, from the moment they visit your website or app. This will make sure that they will come back for more. Chatbots are specially designed to carry out this well. They can find out the interest of the users, increase their desire by sending out messages, and allure them to visit your website.

Once a user is converted to a customer, chatbots can notify them of the order updates, shipping and tracking details, etc. These bots also have the capability to upsell another product cleverly with the help of coupons or a special offer.

Chatbots has the capability to make a user feel that they have not been forgotten and can lure him/her to your website to purchase more stuff.

Take a look at the infographics:


Chatbots are the Future

Chatbots are here to stay. With them, the future is bright. With chatbot lead generation strategies, SMBs can get more competent leads. After all, effective leads tend to convert into paying customers.

The conversion rate of chatbot is much higher than the normal chat. In short, if you don’t have a lead generation bot, you’ll miss out on the opportunities of generating effective leads. Consult the best AI development company and build your own chatbot to generate high-quality leads. 


• Chatbots will equip you with all the necessary tools to engage with the customers.

• They are easy to set up. All you need is to hire outsourcing team of reliable chatbot developers or seek assistance from a reputed chatbot development company.

• The chatbot does not eradicate the human phase of your business. It can be used for regular queries, and humans can be used for complicated customer requests.

• They will soon become way smarter and popular than they are now! Thanks to AI

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