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A Chatbot for Internal Operations Can Improve Employee Satisfaction Index

Chatbot development is one of the top trends in the business world today and for the right reasons. There was a time when they were used primarily for delivering customer services, but now, people in the business world have recognized

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Can your chatbot handle leads

Can your Chatbot Handle Leads?

Technology has completely revolutionized the way to run a business. Today we are living in a world where a big chunk of the business process relies on automation. In fact, technology has made it possible to even do things that were

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Is Chatbot Ready to Take Over the Role of Tele-Callers?

Since, we have seen so much advancement in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, is it the right time for chatbots to take over the role of traditional Tele-Callers? Over the last decade, many businesses have been using AI chatbots only to render assistance

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Artificial Intelligence Application in Robotics

The Next Boom In Chatbot Revolution Is ‘VOICE’!

When chatbot was firstly introduced, we all thought they were here to stay, and rightly so. They have not only stayed but developed into an integral component of any business organization, performing multiple tasks that range between customer service and brand

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Using chatbot for your online store can be a game changer

Using Chatbot for your Online Store can be a Game Changer.

E-commerce is a highly competitive space with new merchants entering the market every next day. It has been estimated that global e-commerce sales will reach approximately $ 4.5 trillion by 2021 as technology is only going to be cheaper and

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Is Your Chatbot Well Versed With Marketing

Is Your Chatbot Well Versed In Marketing?

Marketing with Chatbots is next big thing in digital marketing, where creativity and technology go hand in hand to create responsive advertisements. After the emergence of Snapchat into a full-fledged marketing tool, the next revolutionary and big thing to happen in

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