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A Chatbot for Internal Operations Can Improve Employee Satisfaction Index

Chatbot development is one of the top trends in the business world today and for the right reasons. There was a time when they were used primarily for delivering customer services, but now, people in the business world have recognized

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Can your chatbot handle leads

Can your Chatbot Handle Leads?

Technology has completely revolutionized the way to run a business. Today we are living in a world where a big chunk of the business process relies on automation. In fact, technology has made it possible to even do things that were

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Is Chatbot Ready to Take Over the Role of Tele-Callers?

Since, we have seen so much advancement in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, is it the right time for chatbots to take over the role of traditional Tele-Callers? Over the last decade, many businesses have been using AI chatbots only to render assistance

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Chatbots in Sales Promotions

Role of Chatbots in Sales Promotions

According to HubSpot, close to 57% of the users don’t have any problem in communicating with the chatbots for their instant response. Chatbots are making their own space in the marketing niche. No matter you run an e-commerce website or an IT

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