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Deciding Between Web Apps and Native Apps

This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at    In 1994, IBM’s Simon was the first ever smartphone in the world. A far cry from the present version of iPhone or Android

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Multi-Language Mobile App Development Challenges

Multi Language Mobile App Development Challenges

Developing a multi-language mobile app is a challenge in itself that needs to be dealt with extreme care and sophistication. It has, after all, the fortunes of a company or a business tied it. Gone are the days when a

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Artificial Intelligence Application in Robotics

7 must-have for Mobile Apps to Stay on Top

Having a mobile app has become more of a need for a business than a luxury. A small reflection of this comes from Gartner’s prediction that mobile apps will lead to revenue of $77 billion for businesses. However, it takes a

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Mobile App Advantage in Adventure Sports Industry

Mobile App Advantage in Adventure Sports Industry

If you have your own adventure sports company, big or small, and are in a dilemma whether or not having a mobile app for your business is of no use whatsoever. Well, this blog post is exactly for you. Read

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Mobile app development trends

Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018.

The competition in the world of mobile apps is immense. It is evident from the fact that there are more than 3.5 million apps in Google play and 2.5 million apps in the Apple store. Therefore, the companies which are

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Avoid these 4 Common Mobile App Development Disasters

The unprecedented growth of technology has opened new avenues of mobile app development. With 64% of people’s mobile time spent on apps, it has become critical for businesses to include a well-built app within their organization. In fact, a study

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6 best practise to overcome from mobile app usability issues

6 Best Practices to Overcome from Mobile App Usability Issues

The issue of mobile app usability is a big concern for businesses today. The users expect a seamless mobile app experience. Right from onboarding to checkout, there should absolutely be no glitches. In this context, usability plays a critical role

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5 Tips for Safe & Sound Mobile Apps Development (Infographic)

The world of mobile apps is fascinating and extremely delightful. However, there are always two sides to the same coin. Though this world is amazing but it also is a minefield where hacking and information security is always a challenge.

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Irresistible Mobile App Design Trends For 2016!

Design thinking has undergone a sea change in the past few years with the proliferation of new operating systems, new devices and a newer set of audiences that are embracing technology for the first time in developing world. Those who

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mobile app development cost

A Real Cost Evaluation of Mobile App Development – Your Personal Manual

A Guide for Entrepreneurs to Understand Intricacies of Mobile App Development This generation has witnessed hundreds of Apps launching everyday, in likely every industry whether it is in event, food, medical, education, service or anything you can think of. Both stores

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