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Role of Mobile Apps in customer need identification

Role of Mobile Apps in Customer Need Identification

Ever wondered as to how and why did the mobile app in the tech race? Well, it’s a smart story. The secret story of ‘micro-moments.’ People are always on the go and why not? There is so much to capture

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Having mobile app is imminent for daily service business

Having Mobile App is Imminent for Daily Service Business.

In present times smartphones have become a part of our lifestyle. They are no more a luxury rather a necessity.  A recent study has revealed that 70 % of the world’s population is online and the number is only going

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The UI Trends of the Year 2018 and Beyond

Change is the only thing that’s constant in this world. Whether you talk about marketing, technology or anything else, trends in every field change with time. So, how can UI design be any different? 2018 has started with trends predicted

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