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Deciding Between Web Apps and Native Apps

This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at    In 1994, IBM’s Simon was the first ever smartphone in the world. A far cry from the present version of iPhone or Android

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Multi-Language Mobile App Development Challenges

Multi Language Mobile App Development Challenges

Developing a multi-language mobile app is a challenge in itself that needs to be dealt with extreme care and sophistication. It has, after all, the fortunes of a company or a business tied it. Gone are the days when a

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Artificial Intelligence Application in Robotics

7 must-have Mobile Applications to Stay on Top

Having a mobile app has become more of a need for a business than a luxury. A small reflection of this comes from Gartner’s prediction that mobile apps will lead to revenue of $77 billion for businesses. However, it takes a

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How Effective is Ionic 3 in Overcoming the Challenges in its Predecessors

How Effective is Ionic 3 in Overcoming the Challenges in its Predecessors?

Are you caught in the dilemma regarding which framework to choose for the mobile app development? Are you undecided? Why not consider Ionic platform to create your own cross-operating system (Android, iOS, and Windows) app from a single framework. Now you

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