How TensorFlow can help Engineers to Analyze auditory data in the rainforest and detect illegal activities?

November 19, 2018
Priyanka Mehra

The climate change resulting in rising global temperatures is a serious environmental threat that the humanity is facing today. The catastrophic effects of this problem have already begun to appear and there is no one to blame other than us. One of the prime reasons that are adding hugely to the problem of global warming is deforestation. Today, the world’s forests are under threat. We are losing on an average of 80000 to 150000 square kilometers of forest cover every year to illegal human activities. This large-scale cutting down of trees has resulted in a nearly 20 percent increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. The balance of nature is highly disturbed and needs to be checked before it’s too late.


TensorFlow-help-engineers-analyze auditory-data


Not to mention, the rainforests form a significant portion of the world’s forest cover. With an estimated release of 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year owing to deforestation, it is quite clear that protecting the rainforests should be high on the priority list. Now the point to ponder is, how this problem can be effectively tackled? The answer lies in implementing technology in our rescue processes. Using AI/Machine learning consulting correctly can be very crucial in the fight against deforestation and climate change. Let’s see how it’s being done.

In this case, the search engine giant “Google” with its team of researchers and engineers is playing a vital role in protecting the depleting forest cover. The team is making use of recycled cell phones and machine learning developers to help detect and stop illegal loggers from destroying rainforests. This real-time detection system consists of modified smartphones that are powered by solar panels. These smartphones dubbed as “Guardian” devices are hidden in trees and monitor sound waves of the forests before sending it to cloud-based servers. From here the Google’s machine learning framework, Tensorflow development comes into action. TensorFlow projects analyze the audio data once received by the cloud computing services in real time. This AI based framework determine the happening of any illegal activity by listening and analyzing the sounds of chainsaws, cutters, axes, logging trucks, and others. The “Guardian” devices keep sending audio data 24*7 to the servers enabling Tensorflow projects to keep a close tab on the activities of deforestation.

To put it in other words, the TensorFlow is a versatile technology that makes use of AI-based deep learning for better detection of audio inputs coming from illegal cutting down of trees. This technology holds great potential in curbing the menace of global warming and climate change on a large scale. We at Signity Solutions, a custom web development company have years of experience in the field of AI and TensorFlow projects. Our dedicated team of IT services outsourcing is an expert in analyzing auditory data in rainforests using TensorFlow technology solutions. Want to know more? Feel free to reach us, and we will revert at the earliest.