The Next Thing for Voice Assistants in 2019

April 1, 2019


No one could have imagined that the introduction of voice assistant back in 2011 would become a driver for tech innovation in the current era. The present stats say that every one in six Americans own a voice assistant. However, future predictions state that nearly 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants in 2020. 

Voice assistants are continually gaining momentum in industries of all kinds, ranging from banking to healthcare and travel. These assistants help you in booking your appointments, keeping a record of your time, reminding you about your schedule and a lot more. Technology has made it a lot easier. Voice assistants like Google assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana all are serving as reliable assistants. 

SMBs are racing to release their voice technology integrations with the help of AI development companies to keep up with their consumer’s demand. Before moving and understanding how voice assistants can help in shaping your business future, let us get a complete knowledge of the popular voice assistants of 2019. 

Popular Voice Assistants for 2019


  • Google Assistant

Google Assistant Connect, a platform for developers that will help them in the creation of peripherals that will pair with an assistant. Moreover, Google showed proof of concepts from various manufacturers at CES 2019. For example, traffic reports generated by Google assistant on an eInk display.


(Image Source:

Apart from this, Google assistant will soon be able to make calls on your behalf. Like to book an appointment for a haircut or book a table in your favorite restaurant. Hence, almost every mobile app development agency is preferring to integrate voice feature in their apps.

You can see a demo of that in this video.

Along with that, Google assistant soon will help you in your traveling. It will help by checking you in the flights through voice and do real-time language translations in the unfamiliar territories.

  • Amazon Alexa

This is one of the most popular and intelligent voice assistants. Amazon consistently tries to innovate with Alexa, and it has pretty new features to look for in 2019.

Alexa Guard is one of the most fascinating and still rare features available on Amazon Echo. This AI guard will be alert in listening to the threatening sounds like breaking glass or smoke alarms when you are not at home. It can also prevent potential break-ins in your house by switching off and on your home lights in a natural pattern so that it gives a perception of someone being at home.

Also if it detects any such activity, it will send you a notification. The notification will feature the recording of the unusual sound and movements. And to activate Alexa Guard, all you have to say is “Alexa; I’m leaving.”


(Image Source:

Along with this, Alexa will also have new features such as email integration. And in association with Amazon music, it will give you latest updates on your favorite artist’s songs and albums.

Alexa will also remind you of the tasks on a location basis. Like if you ask her “Alexa, remind me to check the mailbox when I come home,” then Alexa will track your site and will remind you about the mailbox next time when you are home.

  • Apple Siri


Siri, one of the poor performing kids in the class of voice assistants, is now ready for a makeover. Apple last year came up with Siri shortcuts.


(Image Source:

This feature will soon be going to help Apple users in maintaining their health. Apps like QardioArm, which helps in measuring blood pressure and HomeCourt, a smart dribbling app are added in the list by Apple to work with Siri shortcuts. Also, iPhone app development relating to habits and virtual sports are integrated to encourage users to keep a check on their health.

Voice assistants & AI

The development of Voice assistants and AI is intertwined. To work smartly and efficiently, voice assistants need to understand what people are saying to them. Hence, interpreting the commands in the right way. 

In the near future voice assistants are looking to evolve more than preferences and tastes. The prominent AI leaders, Google and Amazon are looking forward to making the experiences for their customers more valuable. They are working to integrate voice-enabled artificial intelligence that is competent to analyze and respond to human emotion.

Future of Voice Assistants

In the recent past, conversational interface-based AI devices have attained popularity. The adoption of these virtual assistants by chatbot development companies is increasing, thus making it vital for every business to integrate them. 

But, since every technology comes with its promises and challenges. Here’s what this technology have in it for the future: 

Voice Assistants for SMBs:

According to the recent voice assistant statistics, 46% of people use voice assistants for their regular life queries and commands. For example, using voice assistants to find an address, start a call, dictate a text, schedule a meeting or to set an alarm. 

But, are these voice assistants helpful for businesses? Can they generate revenue for a business? With machine learning, there will be personalization, habits, and preferences that will make the devices even more useful. Hence, it would be easy for businesses to understand their customer’s behavior and to target them. 

Data Protection in Voice Activation:

It is predicted that in the coming future, voice-activated devices will be able to contemplate your every need, even before you know. With machine learning and deep learning, businesses would be able to track their customers’ needs. This will provide access to the vast amount of data and knowledge, thus impacting the user privacy. All in all, making cloud servers invaluable and access to them will become more desirable.

AI providers would need to understand the importance of data ownership boundaries. They need to ensure that they strictly adhere to the data protection measures while adding the new elements required for improving AI technology. 

Voice as Assistant on More Devices:

Voice isn’t a trend; it is becoming a necessity for brands. Voice assistants are going to become indispensable in our lives. From car, home, work, restaurants, and hotels, you can see them everywhere soon. You can find yourself talking to your washing machine, and it will be talking back answering your questions or offering your suggestions. So, you can see SMBs pro-actively working on getting voice assistants to enhance their user experience. 

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As the voice progresses further into our world, voice assistants are on the verge of becoming an inevitable part of our lives in the near future. They bring the chance to simplify our lives in the way, which, even we are not aware of. They have gone much ahead from application to ubiquity. All in all, advancements in machine learning, AI, and NLP will open up new opportunities for businesses to adopt voice assistants. 

Are you thinking of getting the voice search integrated into your product, website, or services? How about understanding the scope of voice assistants for your business by outsourcing to India. Expert AI consultants in India can help you in analyzing how voice-enabled searches can benefit your business and impact your business revenue. 

Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma is the Digital Strategist with more than a decade of experience in data and technology fields, and he helped businesses gain more traffic and online visibility through technical, strategic SEO and targeted PPC campaigns.
Ashok Sharma

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