Tried and Tested Web Development Tools to Increase Visitor Engagement

February 1, 2019

In the current era, customers prefer to interact with the brand 24×7. It has become crucial for companies to have a strong presence in the digital space. One of the best methods for businesses to engage customers is through the website. A website allows businesses to pitch the services and products to customers. A well-designed web layout is crucial to the fortunes of the business. There is no bigger turn off for users than a clumsily designed website. This is where the need for custom web development services arises. With the help of custom web development solutions, you can get an efficient web design. Various web development tools help in increasing the visitor engagement. Let’s know more about such tried and tested tools that can make all the difference for a website.

Importance of Visitor Engagement


As per a recent survey by Gallup, engaged customers represent a 23% share of revenue for a company. To engage users with your website, you need to get them to spend more time online. The longer they browse your website, the higher are the chances of converting them into leads. But in this competitive scenario, it is complicated to make the customers aware of your website. Let alone capturing their interest and engaging them with your site. Users have the power to switch to a competitor website if they do not like yours. However, as per a recent survey by McKinsey and Co., developing customer engagement strategies is a priority for executives. Here are some of the reasons that make customer engagement a must for you: 

  • Engaged customers are loyal to your brand. They are more likely to choose your products and services if the need arises.
  • Companies with better engagement statistics have an increase in their revenue as well.
  • The longer customers stay on your website; the better Google considers it to be. It will rank it higher in search results, driving more customers towards you.

Thus, you need to avail professional web development services for your website. This will help you maximize the opportunities to engage the visitors or customers.

Web Development Tools for Visitor Engagement


Visitor engagement is paramount for every online business. All online activities of your company should focus on increasing visitor engagement. Custom web development solutions with specific web development tools can help you in this quest. Here are the most effective visitor engagement tools for your website:

1. Interactive Contact Forms


Gone are the days of boring and old contact forms. With the help of interactive contact forms, you can increase customer engagement levels. Customers can use the forms to ask a query, schedule an appointment, make payments from one place. There are all-in-one customer communication platforms that can help you with this. You can use the forms to generate leads and for customer engagement also. Availing the services of an experienced web development company will be helpful for you. 

2. Chatbots


These are AI-powered programs that can perform specific functions on your website. AI Chatbots are one of the fastest emerging customer engagement tools available for you. Chatbots are available 24×7 for the customers to ask for any information. They not only provide answers to queries, but they can also make suggestions. Over a period, they start to understand customer behavior and patterns. This helps you understand the psyche of the customers. You can then plan your offerings to suit customer preferences. Chatbots can replace the element of human prejudice. Thereby helping engage the customers. Machine learning consulting companies can help you with chatbot development services and deployment.

3. Multiple Click-to-Action Buttons


Click-to-action buttons are an essential component of a website design. They allow you to drive the customers to take a corresponding action. Placing many click-to-action buttons across the website is an excellent tool. It will help you to keep the customers feel that they are in control. This way they are more likely to engage with your brand. Adding social media sharing buttons is also an excellent option for user engagement.

4. Use Card-based Design


It is because this layout is one of the best ways to provide information to customers. Also, it is most suitable for mobile websites and is the preferred option for the leading mobility service providers. It allows you to present information compactly, and users are more inclined to read such information. As such, they spend more time on your website. This provides you with great opportunities to engage them.

5. Clutter-free Website Design


Making your website free from clutter is the best tool for user engagement. Strike a balance between text and visual elements, and make the website user-friendly. Because having a clutter-free and easy-navigation design enhances the visual appeal of your website. And visitors are going to stay on a website that is pleasing to read and browse. So, ensure that there is adequate white space to ease the reading of information. If you try and insert too many elements, visitors are more likely to jump to another website. 

6. Simplify Navigation


Are your visitors leaving the website without finding something? Is your website facing high bounce rate and poor user engagement? Analyze and re-organize your navigation structure to let your users find what he wants without much effort. Here are some of the things that you can avoid:  

  • Poor Categorization: If your website is not categorized properly, then you may confuse the visitors. Make sure all your most important links are accessible from your main navigation. 
  • An Inconvenient Navigation Bar: Avoid using the inaccessible navigation bar. Depending on your site style, you may benefit from excellent navigation or navigation that stays with for your visitor upon a scroll.
  • Slow Loading Time: Robust navigation usually slow down your above-the-fold load speeds. You need to design your navigation in a way that it doesn’t slow your down your website.

7. Adding a Prominent Search Box


What if you have to search for a search bar on a website? You would definitely skip it and move to another website. Hence, while designing your website, make sure to engage your visitors by allowing them to find what they’re looking for easily. Add a search bar that is easy to locate for the visitor. Usually, websites have their search bar on the top-left of their websites. It is because the visitor can conveniently find the search bar and search for his query.

It’s advisable to make the search box design simple and easy to navigate. You can add features like a drop-down menu, or an auto-suggest feature. It can boost your website user engagement. 



Given these points, it is essential for you to enlist a custom web development company – a company that can help you create a website that engages your visitor. And this is where we come into the picture. At Signity Solutions, we are a leading custom web, mobile application development company in India. We have been helping our clients with our services for many years. Our team has a rich experience and has been delivering excellent results. Thus, for any web development services, feel free to consider outsourcing to India. Get in touch with our IT outsourcing team. We will be happy to help you out. Contact us now!

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