Tips to Write Winning Dialogue for Conversational UI

October 30, 2018

With the advent of ever-changing digital technologies, the competition is getting tougher every day. Companies are trying new and innovative techniques to stand out from the competition. The creativity and innovation at its peak. Conversational UI or chatbots are the latest obsession. It is an efficient and effective way to build a brand, promote value, and ensure loyalty. Chatbot development services are experiencing rapidly increasing demand as more and more companies are ready to adapt its advantages.

Tips to write winning dialogue for Conversational UI

While there is no doubt about their efficiency, chatbot dialogues are quite complicated, to say the least. Just answering the question is not enough, customers demand more. The dialogues need to be captivating, effective, and unique. They should provide a platform for your brand to come alive and show off its prowess. Every sentence needs to drive the conversation forward while keeping the customer fascinated.

Still worried about writing a winning dialogue for conversational UI? Here are some tips to help you master the art.

Some essential groundwork to define targets

Before you move forward and start writing creative dialogues, stop and go back a step. Just writing dialogue in a creative and eccentric manner will not do. First, you need some groundwork to write exactly what the user wants. The first thing you need to think of is the customer’s need. What does he want when he visits your website? What information is he looking for? A successful chatbot needs to deliver value to its users.

You can analyze web traffic and customer’s previous digital interactions to get such data. Investigate customer journey to determine a pattern. Create a flowchart and highlight the top points that are essential and customer-oriented. It might seem too much work but it is crucial if you want to write an interesting, effective, and captivating dialogue for conversational UI. You can always hire a chatbot development company to do all the work if you want to avoid the hard work.

Offer an experience

Writing a successful dialogue is much more than blindly writing some sentences. You need to offer an experience to the reader. The chatbot is an extension of your brand and needs to follow your values and ethics. So, you need an intricately designed character and voice to portray your brand’s image. But how do you achieve that? You need to think like a bestselling novelist. How do they write a charming and genuine character? They base it on a real person and that is what you need to do. Your bot needs a personality, a backstory, a life that you can sell to your customers.

Once you have achieved the task, the dialogues will add their magic and make the character come to life. So, make sure that the tone and language your character uses are in-sync with their persona. You can try different things and use the one that gives the best result. Hire a chatbot development service to get some expert help in this area.

Brevity is important

Obviously, no visitor wants to read a novel. They want what they came looking for and they want it fast. Forcing them to read more than necessary will not do you any good. Your conversational UI needs to short, sweet, and smart. You need to make every word count so that the dialogue is memorable and something unique. Writing winning dialogue is an art that not everyone can master. So, make sure you hire an expert that can create art in a few simple words to get the best results.

Clarity is the key

Most websites love to use high-quality and complex content to portray a more formal and competitive image. But it may just as well ruin your chance to gain new customers. Using complicated and extremely high-level language that the user cannot understand will be of no use. You will just overwhelm them. So, you need to use a simple, clear, and conversational tone for best chatbot development. They should understand what you are trying to say. Keep everything clean and clear so that there are no confusions. Another thing that you need to avoid is multiple messages. Give them time and space, you do not want to irritate or frustrate them. Avoid using too many call-to-actions.

Offer interactive conversation and a visual picture

Writing conversational and interactive dialogues is what will gain their attention. People tend to pay attention where there is simple and engaging content. Using imageries and offering a visual picture is also an effective way to captivate them. A picture is worth a thousand words and you need to use it to its fullest potential. Showcase different scenarios and compelling pictures to get them the information they need. Be as creative as possible to make their journey memorable and worth returning.

If you are having problems writing winning conversational UI in-house, you can always hire outsourcing team to do so. Utilize your resourcefulness to reach the pinnacle of success.

Priyanka Mehra

Priyanka Mehra

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist at Signity Solutions
Being an online marketer, she loves to learn, explore and implement new marketing strategies.She is insightful when it comes to marketing challenges, trends, and growth hacking.
Priyanka Mehra

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