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In the last few years technology has taken giant strides. You get to read about new developments every day that aims to change the way things are accomplishing. Long gone are the days when you would require extensive human resources to handle most mundane tasks. Basic tasks like sending emails, following up on leads, resolving queries, offering information, troubleshooting, etc. take up a considerable amount of resources. It is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) came to the rescue. Known as a breakthrough revolution, AI allows you to automate various routine tasks without any requirement of human intervention. Due to the rising demand, AI has evolved rapidly over the last few years with Chatbots being its most popular implementation. A large number of businesses are now using chatbots to handle various tasks, saving up a considerable amount of money and resources.

Various technologies and platforms are available for development of Chatbots, one of the most popular one being Dialog flow.


About Dialog flow

Dialog flow is an interactive SAAS tool which allows development of customized chatbots for various routine business operations. These chatbots are deployable on multiple platforms such as website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, etc. Dialog flow makes use of Google's machine learning expertise and tools to develop amazing chatbots with versatile functionality.

Critical features of Chatbots developed using Dialog flow

Coming from the house of Google, Dialog flow offers a host of unique features which make sure that your chatbots deliver excellent functionality. What sets apart Dialog flow chatbots from others is the incorporation of a fantastic range of features. Some of the standout features of Dialog flow are

Automatically handles Natural Language Processing

Dialog flow frees you from the responsibility of manually processing any NLP logic. Dialog flow handles all NLP, which makes sure that your chatbot can handle all types of business logic.

Language Agnostic

Chatbots based on Dialog flow are language agnostic which enables you to export or import all chat data in JSON data format. It allows you to develop your chatbot using any server-side language of your choice.

Leverage Google Infrastructure

Dialog flow runs on the Google platform and has backing from Google. It allows you to reach out to millions of Google users effortlessly. It is optimized for Google Assistant as well.

Machine Learning

It is essential that a chatbot understands the intent of the customer. With its machine learning technology, Dialog flow enables your Chatbot to offer logical answers and respond desirably. It is done by understanding the intent of the user accurately.

Advantages of Chatbots developed using Dialog flow

Using Dialog flow for development of Chatbots for your business offers you several benefits. Here are some of the significant advantages that you can enjoy with Dialog flow for chatbot development

  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Customizable chatbots as per your requirements.
  • Flexible deployment across a wide range of platforms.
  • Always evolving and learning by understanding customer intent.
  • Supports more than 20 global languages.
  • Easy integration with many devices.
  • Always up and running, no downtime, no holidays.
  • Free up personnel for other crucial tasks.
  • Accelerated response time for queries.

How we can help you

At Signity, we offer you our services to develop customized chatbots for your business using Dialog flow. You can avail the fantastic benefits of the ever-evolving artificial intelligence and ensure better customer interaction. We have been working in the field of customized chatbot development for last many years. Having helped several clients over the years, we have acquired a superior knowledge of Dialog flow. Our team members boast of more than 40 years of collective experience of chatbot development using Dialog flow.

We offer quick, reliable and accurate chatbot development solutions for our customers. Continued patronage of our clients is a testament of our skill and expertise.

Our customer care team works round the clock to ensure that you receive answers to queries and questions instantly. Feel free to get in touch with us know more about our Chatbot development services based on Dialog flow. Click here to contact us.

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