Chatbot Development with Microsoft Azure


Chatbot Development with Microsoft Azure

In the present-day world of stiff competition, it has become imperative for businesses to maximize the available resources. This task has been made simpler with the rapidly evolving technology. Gone are the days, when you were required to deploy personnel to handle a particular work. The ever-evolving technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it possible to manage multiple business operations comfortably. With the rising popularity of AI, there has been a gradual increase in the demand for Bots based on this technology. Bots are AI-based computer programs, which are being developed to meet specific requirements of businesses. One of the most popular forms of Bots is Chatbots. Chatbots is a term that signifies those bots, which "chat" or "interact" with the user as per their parameters. They perform the functions of engaging customers, resolving their queries, giving troubleshooting directions without requiring human intervention.

One of the most popular platforms that are highly efficient for Chatbot development is Microsoft Azure.


About Microsoft Azure Bot Service

Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive bot building environment for the development of highly interactive bots. It enables users to build, connect, deploy and manage chatbots based on AI technology. These chatbots are deployable on multiple platforms such as website, app, Facebook Messenger, Skype and many more. It allows you to access comprehensive bot building framework, where you pay only for those features which you require.

Critical features of Chatbots using Microsoft Azure Bot Service

Multi-lingual support

Microsoft Azure Bot Service offers comprehensive support for more than 18 languages. This ensures that you can interact with your customers, in the language they speak. Thereby adding a layer of personalization.

Round the Clock Support

Microsoft Azure Bot Service is wholly integrated into Azure, which is a cloud computing service from Microsoft. This functionality ensures round the clock support services from Microsoft.

Accelerated Development

Microsoft Azure Bot Service offers an integrated environment, designed explicitly for bot development. It comes equipped with Microsoft Bot Framework connectors and BotBuilder SDKs. With ready to use templates, development of customized bots is a useful task.

Cognitive Services

Microsoft Azure Bot Service offers you an option to endow some “super-powers’ to your bots. You can unleash the complete potential of your chatbot using Azure. Innovative features like picture recognition, smart recommendations, language translation are just some of the highlights.

Advantages of Chatbots using Microsoft Azure Bot Service

When you deploy a chatbot designed using Microsoft Azure Bot Service, there are various advantages that you can enjoy. Some of the significant benefits that you enjoy with Microsoft Azure Bot Service are:


- Round the clock support, even after deployment.

- Easy integration with multiple platforms.

- Increased customer interactions to foster brand loyalty.

- Superior cognitive features are taking customer engagement to another level.

- High accuracy rate while replying to even complex customer queries.

- No holidays, no downtimes, no sick leaves. Chatbots work 24x7x365.

- Reduction in recurring expenses. Only a one-time cost.

- Free-up your personnel for other essential tasks.

- -A wide range of customized bots to choose from.

- Only a few weeks required for designing and deployment of Bots.

How we can help you

At Signity, we offer you our expert services to create customized and unique chatbots for your business requirements. We leverage our many years of experience in the field of chatbot development to deliver cutting-edge solutions for you. Our team members have more than 40 years of collective experience of chatbot development using Microsoft Azure Bot Service. Our in-depth knowledge and rich expertise enable us to deliver excellent quality Chatbots that take your business to greater heights.

We have been helping our clients from all around the world with their customized Chatbot requirements. Their repeated patronage is the testament of our efficiency and dedication.

Our customer care team works round the clock and is always willing to resolve your queries. So, unlock the potential of your business with our chatbots. Get in touch now.

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