Horai is a modern SaaS-based online booking system solution that utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, Typescript, clean architecture, microservices, and PostgreSQL. This enables the system to be highly scalable, maintainable, and reliable, allowing businesses to manage their reservations and appointments through a centralized platform.Customers can easily book appointments through the business's website or app, with available time slots and confirmation notifications. Businesses can manage their schedules and availability, as well as customize their booking options according to their specific needs.Horai operates on a SaaS model, with a subscription fee based on the number of users or bookings made through the platform. Additional features may include payment processing, customer data management, and analytics reporting.

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Kraal Diagri

Diagri is a powerful live stock management system that leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, Typescript, MySQL, AWS Lambda, IoT core, and MQTT. This enables the system to be highly scalable, maintainable, and reliable, allowing for the real-time management and tracking of various activities of livestock.The system utilizes IoT sensors and devices to collect data on livestock behavior and activity, which is then processed and stored in a MySQL database. AWS Lambda functions are used to trigger real-time alerts and notifications based on this data, enabling farmers to quickly respond to any issues or emergencies that arise.Diagri also includes a user-friendly dashboard that allows farmers to monitor the health and wellbeing of their livestock, as well as track feed consumption, weight gain, and other key metrics. This helps farmers make informed decisions about the management and care of their livestock, leading to better outcomes and improved efficiency.

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OnMobile is a VAS-based OTT system that leverages modern technologies such as Java, Node.js, Typescript, RDS, EC2, and Elastic Transcoder to deliver high-quality streaming video content to customers in the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali regions.The system is designed to provide a seamless and engaging user experience, with easy-to-use interfaces and fast, reliable video streaming. The video content is hosted on Amazon Web Services, with RDS and EC2 used to ensure high availability and scalability.OnMobile's VAS-based subscription model allows customers to access a wide variety of video content, including movies, TV shows, and other original programming. The service is offered in partnership with various mobile operators, who provide the VAS service to their customers as part of their overall package.

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The project involved the creation of digital business and visiting cards that can be shared with contacts using Nodejs, Expressjs, and Postgresql technologies. The system used various NPM packages, including Hubspot as a CRM, an HTML to canvas package, a QR code package for sharing card templates, and NFC implementation. The digital cards aim to replace traditional paper cards, allowing for a more environmentally friendly and efficient way to exchange contact information. With this project, users can easily create, share, and store their business and visiting cards digitally, making it easier to manage their contacts and networking efforts.

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Fitlife Trainer APP

Fitlife Trainer is a platform that connects experienced and dynamic personal trainers with a wide range of clients who have varying fitness goals. Trainers who sign up through the Fitlife Trainer app have the flexibility to customize their availability and create tailored workout plans for each client based on their technical knowledge and practical experiences.Fitlife provides email notifications of upcoming workouts. Trainers can live stream their workout session via zoom which customers have subscribed to.

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Fitlife Trainer APP
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