Surgical Teaching

An amazing website is designed and developed, to teach medical
students and junior doctors about the diverse aspects of surgery


Advances in educational theory and mounting pressures in a clinical environment have almost diminished teaching time. The increasing complexity of cases and a greater emphasis on mitigating medical error limit, several technical websites have been launched so that medical students can get assistance on various terms easily.
To resolve such issues, we have created an exciting website for both medical students and junior doctors so that they can go through various aspects of surgical teachings. This website includes videos, covering a broad range of topics of medical surgeries. This will not only save time but also engages the user by offering valuable information which can boost his/her career.
Reasons to choose Surgical Teaching are:

  • It is an exciting way to learn different types of medical surgeries in short time frame
  • Developing such innovative teaching aids are termed as effective educational inventories for surgical educators
  • Our website helps in promoting research work in form of videos, related to surgical education field


Users can get membership for 6 to 12 months, after subscription.

High quality and animated videos are available in the website to provide teachings about the various aspects of surgery.

This website reflects dynamic and impressive front for medical sector.


A client came at Signity Solutions with a vision of the surgical teaching and a focused social platform for the development of the website. Our team collected all the important requirements and built an illustrated and innovative website which displays all the foremost aspects of surgery with the help of high-quality videos.

  • Our first challenge was to understand the requirements and demands of the target audience and create a rich user experience accordingly.
  • Another challenge was content management so that user finds easy to explore the content and feel impressed while using our web-based teaching tool.
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