Slipstone’s technology has focused on automating metrics, notes, photos
and generating its instant solution by proper planning and execution.


To stay one step forward, you need to have personalized apps not just a mobile website, because people are increasingly buying mobile phones for the apps rather than browsing the web.
Slipstone is an amazing property management app, specially designed to maintain consistency between inspectors. Being a photo-centric inspection platform, admin can add details about the properties along with the pictures. Additionally, he can add purchase requests and bid requests on the basis of which reports are also generated thus helps in proper planning and execution.
Choose Slipstone app because:

  • With this app, admin can send the mass email to people are interested in buying properties, sharing information about the latest property listings, new schemes and also send emails for property promotion.
  • Instant reports are generated along with the appropriate quotes.
  • The application is successfully integrated with camera therefore admin can click pictures and upload it so that it highlights the details of the property.


The user can directly search any property as per particular location or area. There is advance search integration also through which based upon the requirement user can search and get the result.

Admin can send a mass email to people for sharing property information, property promotion, any new scheme launched, discounted price during a festival and so on.

You can get instant reports of property just by choosing the property and get the quotes along with the report.


Slipstone wanted to redevelop its existing iOS App by enhancing more features and as per the business model and our experience they decided to hire Signity Solutions

  • Whether server supports a large number of email accounts to send mail in one shot or not.
  • No creation and modification was required for app development. With the help 3rd party, API integration app is built.
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