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  • tambola
    Tambola Bingo

    Tambola, a popular online multiplayer game which is designed for each age group from children to senior citizens. To make it more captivating and engaging...

  • 3 Curious Monkeys
    3 Curious Monkeys

    A kid- friendly, super creative app, where children can enjoy dressing 3 multilingual and interactive monkeys. Children can explore Indian culture by...

  • little poets
    Little Poets

    Who says fun and education don’t mix? Little Poets is designed in such a way that children can discover rhyming words, recite poems and even the app helps...

  • boomberman
    Bomb Attacker

    Bomb Attacker, is a gaming app where user has to complete the levels by killing the hordes of enemies and destroy obstacles by placing...

  • My Movies
    My Movies

    Definately, boredom is dreadful. Thankfully, we are living in an age which allows us to watch free movies on our smartphones with ease....

  • My Music
    My Music

    This application is a big store music app where the user can access unlimited music under various categories such as devotional, english, bollywood etc...

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