My Movies

My Movies specially developed for Samsung app store where user can scroll
down a list of movies under a specific category


Definitely, boredom is dreadful. Thankfully, we are living in an age which allows us to watch free movies on our smartphones with ease. With the power of the portable device, you can catch a movie anytime and anywhere, even while traveling. All you need is the constant internet connection to stream movies to your device.
My Movies is also a great app which allows you to check out a list of movies along with its complete details so that user can decide which one suits his/her taste and will offer a great time. This app is completely tested on Samsung phones and tablets thus give you complete assurance our app is capable of delivering movies to your smartphone or tablet in short time span.
Reasons to choose My Movies are:

  • From board category selection, the user can select a particular movie from the box office, videos, etc.
  • While selecting the movie, user can review the details like about director, cast, and music director before streaming any movie
  • After watching the movie, user can rate or give his/her feedback about the movie


My Movies app can be shared with family and friends through different social media channels

Our app gives you superior browsing experience, even on mobile device

User finds easy to get information about the recent or upcoming movies


With the advent of mobile technology in media, our client wanted to have a firm foothold in emerging mobile space. Therefore, he wanted to maintain a unique store where the user can search for the desired movies from movie catalog.

  • The first challenge was image based lighting because the smartphones do not currently have the processing power which is presently needed to implement the software.
  • Another great challenge was better resolution which comes with serious storage and bandwidth costs.
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