My Music

This application is a big store music app where the user can access unlimited music
under various categories such as devotional, English, Bollywood etc


Gone are those days, when users download songs in desktop and then transfer them to the phone. One of the greatest things about the burgeoning smartphone or iOS app market, which brings tremendous apps for music lovers.
My music is one of the amazing apps which actually enhance the music going experience itself by making it easier to manage your personal collections. this would be one of the place where the user will have unlimited and free access to diverse kinds of music, wherever you go.
Reasons to choose My Music:

  • User can select songs under diverse categories such as devotional, regional, English, Bollywood and many more
  • User can discover new music and get notified instantly
  • User can create their own playlist in the app by adding songs in ‘My Favorites’ list


From latest to hard-to-find classics, a catalog is developed so that user can play millions of tracks as per the needs

Enjoy expertly created playlists of all your favorite songs in Hindi, English as well devotional songs, for any occasion

Users can share your playlists with your family and friends


The client wanted us to build a music app which could be easily installed on Android smartphones. Since the application should be meant for a large pool of users, a strong database was the critical requirement.

  • Categories should be sorted so that user finds the app easy-to-use.
  • Social plug-ins should be added to enhance personalization and social impact as well.
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