Tambola Bingo

Tambola or Housie is an online multiplayer game in which you get 2 options of playing, either Private game where you can play with your own friends or you can join Public game where you get to play against players from all over the world.


Tambola, a casual gamble game which is fun and enthralling to play. Believe it, tambola has originated in 1500’s but has the same charm till date in most of the western countries, India, Pakistan and some parts of Southeast Asia as well. With gaining tremendous popularity, it has known with different names such as Tombola, Bingo and even Housie in diverse parts of the globe.

Moreover, being an online multiplayer game, you need not carry tambola board or buy tambola tickets, therefore you can play anytime you want.
Some distinctive features are:

  • Application has a unique feature i.e social media integration through which user can send invites or chat with his friends while playing the game
  • To make it more interesting, two game modes are set-up: Private game or public game, where user can decide he wants to play with his friends or other people across the globe
  • If it’s a game, winners and prizes are de rigueur therefore user can earn coins, depending on the number of wins or loses


Easy to play, an interactive and user-friendly game in which you can use the auto cut feature, to cut down numbers automatically. Furthermore, participants can chat with each other, through chat media integration.

Two game modes: User can play with his own friends by selecting private mode or he has the option to play with other people across the globe by selecting public mode.

It is an online multiplayer game, where numbers are generated with a touch and also user can download tickets, all for free.


To handle the game as per different country time zone, the client wants to set the game at a specific time according to one country which was a bit tedious job as obviously it gets vary as per different country. Some other issues were:

  • Work on multi-platforms: We worked on various platforms like Android and iOS of different resolution so that any user can play the game from any corner of the world.
  • End to end product: A product specially designed and developed for tambola lovers who like to play housie and wanted to include their family and friends from anywhere.
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