The Cash Back App

The Cash Back App rewards shoppers with cash back or loyalty cash on daily purchases as long as they use the app. Additionally, the user can get alerts & information on the latest deals, they can see income stream grow and are able to share the app with friends, easily.


Everybody loves shopping, therefore people look for discounts and coupons so as to buy things on valuable prices. Applications like Cash back, help in saving lots of money and also user can avail discounts, even when he/she don't have time for to clip coupons.

Our Cash back application is a reward for shoppers as they can verify their income stream growth and check for shopping shares on a day-to-day basis. With the help of social media, integration user can also share the app or credits with family or friends, conveniently. Some unique features of this application are:

  • Being integrated with social media, user can share his shopping rewards with his friends and family
  • Via pushes alerts, user can stay updated with the latest deals and offers so that they don’t miss any single opportunity
  • If user becomes a frequent member of cash back app, he/she can also win tremendous prizes every day which includes cash, holiday packages, and other amazing services


Find local businesses where you can get instant Cash Back on your daily purchases and earn loyalty cash every time you shop.

Get alerts and information on the latest deals and offers from participating businesses - exclusive to TCBA users. See your income stream grow and watch your shopping shares come in.

Win everyday members are rewarded for shopping with The Cash Back App. You can win cash, holidays, goods and services just by shopping and getting cash back.


The basic concept was to boost the business of local enterprises and retain customers. To make the app more interesting, clients wants the customers to earn points and convert them to loyal customers to extend salesforce.

  • TCBA is divided into various phases due to a large database and to handle such kind of huge database was the big challenge for us.
  • There was not fixed level for earning the income. So it took a lot of time and initially we fixed at 5 layered but then changed 7 layers so now n number of users can get the benefit and earn income from TCBA.
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