LFTY’s initial idea was to develop OS level product which can pitched to various OEMs leveraging existing relationships in the market.


Client - Intex

Technology - PHP, Node JS

LFTY | Overview

Custom OS for OEMs

LFTY’s initial idea was to develop

OS level product which could be pitched to various OEMs leveraging existing relationships in the market.

Creating an engaging ecosystem for consumer on left screen and lock screen.

Utilizing the Mobile Real Estate with interactive offering on the mobile real estate and also Non disruptive Monetization channel for the OEM.


Solutions that LFTY Offer

LFTY is a VAS Feature that gives a whole new meaning to left screen. Additionally, it offers an-

Enriched Interaction for user
User initiated Customization
Interaction with content in their native language
Easy interconnectivity between user and content
Lefty-03-SignitySolutions LeftyApp-03-SignitySolutions


OS level integration

It was determined that the most easy discovery of the content happens on home screen. And left swipe established easy interconnectivity between user and the content.

ODM specific integrations.

Mobile companies have their own ODMs with their own customized hardware and software. Each ODM requires different optimizations in our product to gel with the hardware/software.



Create push campaigns, Sends push Schedule, push campaigns, Track push details, Send test push, Send push silently.

Push Campaigns

Silent push = sending push silently without acknowledging the user.Non silent push = Sending push visible to user.

Sending Push/Campaign
  • Send push to specific models only.
  • Send push via mobile carrier.
  • Send push to devices with an app installed/uninstalled.
  • Schedule push at a later time if required.
Track Push
  • Push delivery
  • Push click
  • App download
  • App launch
  • Install

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