NuCompass accelerates time to market for its new product vertical by deploying an RPA bot built by Signity Solutions.


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99% reduction in turnaround time

Tasks that took human days are now done within an hour by bots.

100% operational accuracy

Bots have made processes accurate and consistent.

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About The Client

NuCompass is a mobility management business with 50+ years of experience assisting companies in relocating their employees.

NuCompass has never been satisfied with its industry's accepted way of doing business. They believe technology is the key to creating a seamless experience for their customers and have actively participated in revolutionizing their industry through technology.

Their latest addition CoPilot is the first cloud-based relocation platform that helps manage the relocation process from the initial authorization process through final reconciliation.


The real estate vertical relied on third-party vendors where the client reached out to various partners for allocating real-estate agents to its customers.

This was a manual process that required multiple rounds of communication and follow-up. It created delays in operation, customer dissatisfaction, and loss of business for NuCompass. NuCompass wanted to eliminate unnecessary human dependency by creating an online platform that allowed customers to explore various agents and book appointments on the go.

But the challenge Nucompass faced was the lack of proper database and API functionality on their vendors' websites to support the seamless transfer of 150,000+agents' data. NuCompass realized the improbability of quick data transfer through a manual process and reached out to Signity Solutions to resolve this problem through automation.

The Solution

Signity Solutions partnered with NuCompass to fast-track their CoPilot service development. Our team of RPA experts worked closely with the stakeholders to identify the pain points and gaps in the current process.

After understanding the needs of the client, we built an automation solution with 2 unattended bots that could scrape data from multiple sources and update it on the client's database with zero human intervention.

These bots were built, trained, and deployed within three weeks of the project initiation.

Key Functions

Bot 1
  • The primary function of the first bot is data scraping. The bot scans the partner’s website to identify all the agents/associates based on the location serviced by NuCompass. It fetches information of the shortlisted agents (contact number, area of service, photograph, and service charges) from the partner’s website and updates this information under the relevant zip codes on the client’s database.
  • Besides this, it also scrapes Google to extract customer reviews and ratings of agents and updates them in the database.
  • The bot automatically runs on regular intervals to carry out these operations and completes these tasks in under an hour.
Bot 2
  • Once the first bot has updated the information on the client’s database, the second bot takes over and updates the client’s website. Like the first bot, it too is an unattended bot that initiates its operation once it has confirmation on the system that the data-scarping process is complete.

The Impact

The bot automated the end-to-end process of data extraction, segregation, cross-verification, and upload with zero human intervention.

Here’s a quick synopsis of how the RPA solution implemented by Signity has helped the client :

  • 99% reduction in turnaround time

    The bot did that task that would have taken humans weeks or even months within an hour. The client experienced a 99% reduction in turnaround time.

  • 100% accuracy in operations

    The RPA solution brought 100% accuracy in operations. It helped the client reduce their time to market, enabling the successful launch of the new business vertical.

  • Non-invasive implementation

    The bots could perform the entire data scraping without the need for API functionality on the real-estate partner’s website.

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