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The Grupio app has been designed to provide instant access to event details, conferences, trade shows, live updates from organizers, schedule, sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. Thus, it makes convenient for attendees to access concise and relevant event information whenever they require.


Attending conferences, tradeshows or any event will be a whole lot richer experience, with the Grupio. Using this app, users can also generate revenue by placing sponsorships and advertisements in the application.


The app is successfully integrated with social media channels like Facebook or Twitter thus the user can share his/her thoughts via these channels. In addition, they can check for event schedule, sessions, speakers, and exhibitors and get latest alerts and updates from the event organizers, before and after the event. Few points about "Grupio" are:

  • Allows the user to message other attendees with SMS integration system
  • Being intended with maps, users can easily search the location of the events in order to avoid any delay
  • Seamlessly, helps the user to connect with other people via social media integration


Event organizers can send notification messages to the attendees that appear as push notifications (those tiny pop up messages) and in the alerts section on their device.

Grupio event apps allow you to display your event's sessions. Sessions are ordered chronologically therefore users can track them and even view the previous sessions, conveniently and instantly.

The new HTML5-based Grupio app displayed various content modules consistently across multiple screens – BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablets, and Smart Phones, which improves the accessibility and receptiveness of the app.


The client was seeking for partners who could build the tools from scratch so that the front end solution is compatible with the multiple devices, thus increases its accessibility and usability.

  • The amount of real-time data generated through all Grupio apps was huge. It posed an immense challenge toward developing the Android app that could deliver uninterrupted performance and sustain heavy data loads.
  • Grupio had a wide range of features based on multiple platforms like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android– all connected through a common database. We had to defy all odds to test various functions on such diverse platforms.
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