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Mobile App
Testing Services

Mobile, ingenious device where people can engage themselves into plenty of features like gaming, web applications and also serves B2B purpose. With almost all the important accomplishments, it has made an appropriate place in the market. Mobile testing is not an easy task as it comes with various challenges such as short usage patterns, device fragmentation, pace of innovation and variant screen sizes.

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Automated Mobile App Testing

Don’t straggle, structure a cool app via substantial app testing

Testing mobile apps is complicated - we all know that. At each stage of the mobile quality cycle, there are specific questions that an enterprise needs to deal with. Mobile testing could be a maze with a zillion OS/device combinations. Therefore, there is an immediate need to address these challenges to take your mobile solution to the market quickly.

We bring high velocity enterprise class mobile testing services to power your mobile business. Leverage our test and automation experts who provide 100% testing support on iOS, Android and Windows. From in-the-wild testing services and mobile app quality tools, Signity Solutions makes it easier than ever to create winning mobile apps every time.

iPhone App Testing

While the testing method is bit simpler than android, still you need to be sure that your app runs flawlessly on a variety of apple designed processors. Whether your app is in test lab or production, Signity can help you in solving unique challenges which occur during testing your iPhone apps.

Android App Testing

The Android testing is the largest and most complex of all types of mobile testing services. Android apps have to work on a combination of various screen sizes and pixel densities. Signity has helped thousands of Android developers navigate the tricky testing waters of fragmentation.

Windows App Testing

Signity gives Windows Phone developers an easy way to test your apps on a range of devices around the world. With a global community of professional testers, we have access to the newest devices and the latest operating system versions.

Desktop App Testing

Just because mobile apps are taking off, doesn't mean you can ignore the quality of desktop apps. Billions of users interact with desktop apps everyday and they expect those apps to be high quality from the start. Signity brings live testers and creative problem solvers into the mix who help you in providing solutions for any issue.

Our Mobile Application Testing Process

As mobility grows, so does the need of mobile testing. Our mobile testing services have a proven record for supporting clients by identifying and implementing their mobile vision and business needs. Whilst of time-to-market, we provide excellence by using wide range of testing tools and structured platforms to ensure customer satisfaction and optimal results.
How our mobile application testing process works:

  • Verify on Real Devices

    We know emulators and simulators are useful but the apps must be tested on actual devices. While performing these tests, our testers ensure the results are realistic and give a better vision regarding the look and feel of the app.

  • Test at Every Stage

    As soon as development reaches a logical stage, our testers start testing the application so as to identify the issues at an early stage. Furthermore, our team of experts tracks the results after each test cycle.

  • Check for Adequate Performance and Security Testing

    Performance and security testing makes your application robust and scalable. Our team checks for both known and unknown vulnerabilities to prevent financial liabilities arising from user distress. We also ensure that your app will have worldwide appeal and adapted by various geographies.

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