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Web App
Testing Services

Entire world is on the web today. It's a great platform to reach out the targeted audience and build business in any technology domain. Your customers are obsessed with quality or anything that spreads faster than people's expectations. The web application testing service improves the quality, reliability and speed of the web applications.

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Web App Testing Solution

Quality of web application is not an accident, it comes with intelligent effort!

Being the lifeblood of any business, the web applications are critical. One of the biggest reasons is that anyone who wants to communicate with a business either clients or customers, expects to be able to do so online in real time. Moreover, when a web application is not performing properly, the customers will turn to the competitor’s site in just seconds.

With fragmented browsers and an endless array of mobile and tablet devices, along with new technologies like HTML5, you need a partner you can rely upon to make sure the web application testing gets done right - across platforms and even across the globe. On collaborating with us, our team ensures that they test your web apps on different parameters including performance, data integrity, security and also cloud provisioning.
Reasons for choosing web app testing services are:

Superior Web App Testing Solutions

While working with us, you need not add web application testing experts to the payroll. Signity employs a team of world-class experts who continually refine testing methodologies.

Behavioral Modeling for Accurate Results

Signity’s web application testing service uses dynamic crawling to build a model based on the behavior of the application. It determines vulnerability attack vectors to ensure the highest level of coverage with the most accurate results.

Advanced Data Analysis to Find Hidden Issues

Our web application security scanning analyzes the data and content of information presented by the application in order to find hidden security issues that are missed by other products.

Full Integration With Static Analysis

Unlike “stand-alone” web scanners, Signity is the only web application security solutions provider to incorporate both static and dynamic testing as a single offering.

Web App Testing Process

Being a web application testing fanatics, we offer a blend of testers who know how to code and test which adds value to the results. Our every tester is well-versed with great mindset and skill-set who makes sure that they use the power of all the available weapons in the web.

How our Web application process works:

  • Usability Testing

    When it comes to web application, everyone not only wants that it should run as a well-oiled machine but also have a quality front-end experience for users. To achieve this, we consider all the textual and visual elements, test them and ensure that they are displayed correctly and efficiently. To accomplish this task, we keep an eye on navigation, accessibility, cross-browser testing and so on.

  • Functionality Testing

    Every client wants that his application should function accurately and consistently. While doing functional testing, we basically check that the features of the application are working properly or not. For instance, we check submissions of any forms should be connected to the database, image or document uploading must give correct output.

  • Security Testing

    Web applications capture and store data from users including their personal details and billing information therefore it is necessary to keep the data safe all the time. We make sure that the hackers cannot access your app. We are familiar with every kind of vulnerabilities that can come across in future. Our apps protect you from cross-site scripting, Sql injection and DDoS attacks.

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